“We are listening”

So how about in escape with iron man just restart us at the beginning instead of kicking us to the menu?

How about dropping the ridiculous requirements to level up?

How about giving us actual rewards for reupping?

How about fix your servers?

No one asked for ridiculous achievements so why did you add them?

Are you listening?


They are listening and I’d say @TC_Sera is a good example of TCs efforts at increasing communication with the playerbase. The PvE lead @TC_MichaelAOS has also provided some useful info as well as acknowledging bugs being mentioned here.

Most of the things you have listed are things TC has commented on being worked on, but simply not being viewed as a priority.

That said, the new super grindy achievements are kinda meh when it has been stated before that TC wanted to go away from artificial grinds in the game. Although I guess they must’ve thought the new Versus achievements are not grindy for those who play it frequently…


I’m not convinced they are listening. They say that as PR but then constantly make changes no one is asking for. I mean we are almost a year in and sometimes you can’t make a match because of server allocation.

I (and most Gears fans) would rather then fix the game before releasing another single piece of content.


Given the hero system changes that are coming up in Op 5, the balancing in Horde/PvE, things in Ranked, I would say they are, but I can see why you would want all aspects of the game polished before more content is released. Especially servers but some of the issues tonight don’t appear to be down to TC but a bigger issue affecting other games as well. And they did fix it in a reasonable amount of time.

Besides… if you remember how awfully badly servers used to fail in Gears 4 with pack releases during like, the first 1-2 years and the all too common random server boots(as in, giving players the boot in a public lobby for no reason, not giving it to the servers) from Horde matches throughout all of Gears 4, I think we’ve gotten the long end of the stick compared to that.


I’ve seen Sera post like twice. Good communication looks different.

There’s been a bunch of posts made by them. Although I guess they could be mistaken for other forum members though there is a blue crown that now appears if a TC member makes a forum post somewhere. As long as they’re classed as such within the system at least which I don’t see on some TC accounts on this forum.

I also didn’t claim it was perfect but they’re on the way there.

It’s honestly not good enough. I understand you defending them but for a AAA title and trying pump out weekly store items for people buy as opposed to fixing the game is not good enough.

Words are meaningless unless you back it up with action. Saying “we are listening” and doing a bunch of things no one is asking for is counterintuitive


I’ve made my fair share of criticisms towards TC, believe me. And I do think there is still room for a lot of improvement, but I cannot deny that it hasn’t gotten better already.

I will admit I was kinda disappointed not seeing the Reup XP curve changed and yet another achievement added, this time for Reup 40 after TC themselves said they weren’t happy with the Reup 30 one because of the excessive grind they currently present for very little reward given for all the effort needed.

And I’ve been paying some more attention to the posts made by Sera, who also answered a question of mine in a different thread quickly when previously chances are that previously I simply wouldn’t have gotten one. Plus, I get the impression they(no gender assumptions here) are somewhat newly appointed to a community manager role too, at least within Gears. So I wouldn’t expect herculean performances right off the bat. But what I have seen is definitely better than what we’ve gotten in the past. So it is something.

Look man I’m not saying they aren’t improving. What I’m saying is they are wasting too much time and effort doing things we AREN’T asking for. Not a single gears fan is asking for more purchasable weapon skins. Divert all your attention to fixing the problems in the game and stop worrying about new content. It’s what all of us want

Edit; and yes the reup achievements and simply the level grind is way off balance for the rewards. They even said last update (17 weeks ago) they wanted to remove the hockey stick effect. EVERYONE is like yes please it’s crazy. Did they do it? No.

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Unfortunately Dana said the Reups and better rewards for them were not a priority. I think it should be. I would’ve thought they’d deliver it at the same time as the Allies changes but I guess not…

And there were people asking for a better Store overall so we got that. How they went about it in their delivery is still ultimately up to the dev. I personally don’t care about weapon skins being added to the game or not, I don’t think TC has most of their resources tied down there either and the main focus will instead be on the game’s feature improvements. And they wouldn’t be leaving their art/design team, who have nothing much to do with the gameplay features, server infrastructure and other things, idle anyway.

And I did say they still have to improve on quite a bit of areas. So we’re in agreement there.

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Regardless what TC does, It seems like you can’t make everyone happy.


The ENTIRE OP4 is a result of them listening. How is that not convincing?

Have you read Facebook/twitter/reddit/forum posts? They attacked the store day 1. Now it’s fixed. Everything earnable through gameplay.

Same for the broken ranked system

Same for PVE


Not to mention (and i’ve seen this complain way to often already in so many Games, and people still don’t get it), that Artist and Coder aren’t the same people. This Works is normally split between different areas / jobs. You can’t go to the Artist who do these Weapon Skins and say: “Come on, now fix the Servers”. That’s like going to McDonalds and ask them for fixing your broken car. Should they purposefully hold content back, so Peoples feeling aren’t hurt that coders & stuff are humans too and can’t fix everything at the same time (and need to prioritize stuff). And before someone argue “but the priorities are wrong”. First of all, it’s not even up to OP to decide, secondly fixing Store, Parts of PvE and Ranking is important too. Seriously last 2 weeks i hugely complained (because i finally had time to dig into this Game) about the Campaign Skins of Kait are locked behind this seasonal operation nonsense. CAMPAIGN SKINS, and now they fixed it. I can get this Skins. Now i’m really motivated to play this game again, meanwhile last week i kinda lost the interest already.


Because some people dont think they are doing things fast enough

We are almost a year in and they have given us what 4 new maps since launch? They mess with the game mechanics on a weekly basis, do absolutely nothing about the massive quitting problems, and when they FINALLY deliver a new ranking system they make it far more complex and they remove one of the most popular ranked modes.

If they are listening, I don’t know who they are listening to.


Never had server or connection issues. Always wondering why others have high ping or get disconnected. Been playing since gears 1. Had gears 5 in beta. Maybe get better internet speed and stop blaming the game.

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There is new ranking dude that’s the whole operation

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This has been one of the best updates TC has dropped imo and they are only gonna get better, make sure to check the patch notes before you act a spoilt brat because the thing you wanted sorting done ASAP, TC aren’t a massive team and since Rod has left they’ve really been pulling through for us considering the fact.


I didn’t say there wasn’t a new ranking system. I said the new ranking system is garbage if it is too complex to integrate into TDM, which according to TC it is.

“…when they FINALLY deliver a new ranking system they make it far more complex and they remove one of the most popular ranked modes.”

They made it so needlessly complex that they broke it for TDM. I wanted something simple and easy to understand, e.g. you get 150 points for a down based kill w/ no assist, lose 50 points when you die, and if your team wins you get a 1.5x multiplier.

They completely (and needlessly) re-worked everything. The ranking sysytem doesn’t need all this garbage about “buying in” to a match, I just wanted to not get 0 points randomly after playing well and winning a match.

What makes this one of the best? They removed a popular Ranked mode and implemented a broken ranking system. But at least they finally fixed the store?