We are getting ripped off by the cards count credits

I have over 350+ duplicate cards for demolition
250+ for anchor
An at least 100+ for every one else.
I have 210 days played in this game.
If anyone doesn’t believe me, my profile is open to the public go an check for your self in posting screen shots


PS their taking more ammo away from us in horde 50% from the tactician. Good idea :-1:
Also I’ve heard a lot of complaints about their new vs style

Let me know what you think…

I can’t say what the reasoning behind that was when they removed Jack ammo box duplication in favor of the Tactician’s ult… but really, it won’t actually change the ammo situation. You’ll still rely on weapon lockers as the main source of ammo for the classes that need them. So it only affects explosive spammers during the ult since it lasts shorter.

Do think the coin limit on the conversion is a bit iffy for long term players, at least at 100k coins. Especially considering that the card dupes at level 6 after are completely unlimited.

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Keegan is old JD during the ult. The “nerf” honestly isn’t the end of the world.

Also @OP Start counting your dupes and post 'em here

People use Tactician for ammo?

We’re getting a scrap function which was in no way guaranteed at this point. You’re getting 100k and more down the pipeline.

Maybe you’re being exponentially bilked out of theoretical coins but if you’ve played that much you’re probably already drowning in them and have virtually every card maxed anyway.