WAYYY to SLOW. Frustrating & Boring

Really a bad idea. If anything you should’ve made it slightly faster not slower. Might be it for me.

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Somethings definitely up…

The minor changes like wall cancel & heavier avatars definitely holds back a hyper bouncer.

I loved bouncing… but I’ll find other ways… can still bounce but I have to find that sweet spot for the 5th time… lol

I can hyper bounce too but honestly making it slower and making you have to pick and choose your moves instead of spamming “A” kinda seems like a win. I want more people to play and enjoy the game and hyper bouncing chases away players. And before you get into the whole “noob” and “no skill” argument, just don’t it’s tired and meaningless, find another critique.

I’m still able to bounce and evade rather fast. Had no issues at all with that in the few blitz games I played yesterday. I think people should try it out more and get used to it. When you’re not used to mechanics it can make a bad first impression. Luckily for me I liked the new mechanics better than the previous mechanics right away. Things feel a lot more natural and tbh it doesn’t feel that much different than what we had before.