Ways to mitigate speed run in escape

For example on the detour you can run left and skip everything

I hate playing where people just want to run through everything

Should we just have a mulcher scion waiting near every helipad to mitigate this? :joy:

Have you considered not playing with randoms?

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Surely the problem is down to randomers being stupid? Or just wanting to take the path of least resistance. If you host your own lobby you can always dictate in the lobby title which path you want to go.

Also with The Detour, it’s just how it’s designed. I think it’s an exagerration to say that you can run through it. At least not easily. But from a design perspective, it’s suppsoed to have three potential paths, each one increases in difficulty the further into the hive you choose to go. Similarly The Mines, The Clock and Last Stand have two different paths to choose from.

On master difficulty, I don’t think you can truly run through a hive. At least not in its entirety. The way all hives are designed (to memory, and on master difficulty) means that any runners will get gunned down. Sure, sometimes idiots will try it, but I’d expect most of them to wise up after a few failed attempts.

Besides, running through some sections of hives is as a ligitimate strategy as fighting everything. But it typically requires more thought and skill than which most randomers will possess.

Can’t convince my buddies to drop playing returnal and resident evil village to play “gears 5” instead , you know?

A Bit Off Topic, it’s clear to see some players are moving to RE:Village like me also, and come back after Op 7. My regular Teammates are also moving to that Game, so Randoms are…Random Route.

Speed run…I mean it is somehow Meaningful in Solo. However, you don’t know the Randoms aiming the Rewards or Fun or something else, so I am mostly just by luck preventing Speedrider.

Keep an eye out for my lobbies “Lets master … Careful now” and that’s most of the problem solved lol. I like to do it as stress-free as possible and really relax in the hive lol. Everyone is always welcome to come in and show me up, but I only ask you to know what you’re doing and if you don’t then you take an immediate support role regardless of class and hang back instead of, as @Bleeding_Pepper puts it, “Look at me daddy! I’m trying to help” attitude lol.

Speed runners can do their thing in their lobbies as far as I am concerned, and I will do my thing lol.


If you don’t want to speedrun create your custom game, in private.


not spoiling anything but I beat village and its in my top 3 RE games. For me its Re3, re4 then village

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That good? I haven’t had time to get around to getting it to play it.

Its really good if you had zero of the game spoiled for you. If know stuff I can’t imagine it will be enjoyable.

Possible spoilers if you haven’t seen the trailer lol. Just covering myself.

I know absolutely nothing about it. Well apart from the incredibly tall woman, the 3 daughters and Chris Redfield but that’s all from the trailer lol.

I do love Resident Evil, but I really want it to go somewhere where it at least explains where certain characters are or brings back the like of Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, Ada wong and Leon Kennedy. That’s what I am holding out for now lol.

I’m not gonna spoil anything for anyone because back in middle school I had gears 3 spoiled before I could play it. But the trailer spoils nothing major from the actual game. It took me about 12 hours of actual in game time to beat it and thats me taking my time trying to find everything I could and I still didn’t find everything lol

The trailer for village is nothing like a gears trailer. The trailer for Gears 4 literally spoiled every boss in the game, the trailer for village doesn’t spoil anything whatsoever.

I know theyre 2 completely different games but you mentioned the trailer so I had to let you know that youre still good to play it.

I would have murdered someone if they said anything. Even if they slightly mentioned anything about Dom lol.

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I don’t see a problem with a speed run. Nothing needs to be mitigated.

Like everyone says, host your own lobby and set your own rules.

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Can’t people play the game they bought anymore? Geez.

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