Ways to improve on Gears 4 IMO

Bounties are awesome!! But it takes way too long to create them because it is done one by one… It would be nice to select the number you want to create so it takes 5 seconds for you to go from 0 to 10 instead of a minute and change… They do this for destroying multiples, so why not do it for creating too?? More time to enjoy playing the game!!

How many times do you have to update the game and change the style of play?? Playing special events is fun and new, but changing the very fabric of the game constantly means you don’t stand behind your product. It was a very different game when it first came out, some things changed for the better, some for the worse… But are you gonna keep changing it, let it be what it is after a year of getting bugs out…

Shouldn’t every headshot be a headshot?? It’s rare that it happens but frustrating when it does. You can see the bullet hit their head, you can see the blood come off their head… But there they are chilling with a good head on their shoulders… tighten up that algorithm possibly…

Work on those bots… They take point blank damage, mock you, then blast you… it’s also unfair they always know where you are even if you happen to camp… it helps end games a little faster but takes away from the experience if your working a spot… all their weapons are amped up and they have near 100% accuracy… they can snipe you in 3 shots from a gnasher a mile away, tone it down to a 90 or so, take off a little of that edge… and focus on matching up games with nearly all robots with new players instead of an almost full one… Nobody wants to play against just bots in versus, that’s what horde is for…

Don’t allow computer players to have an advantage with wall bouncing and firing faster… I have maxed out my controller options and still can only move half the speed with wall bouncing … maybe those are modded controller users, but it seems like it’s a pc player more often than not and I know mouse clicks can be way faster, maybe create something along the lines of no matter how fast they click it the timing remains the same for wallbouncing and such…

So much time is spent changing the fabric of the game with updates, why not add a couple throwback maps into the mix so no matter who hates/loves the update everybody will enjoy 2 new maps…

Well, wrote this post as a response to another one… I’d like to see any responses and inputs any of you would have…

Also allow creation of bounties in-between matches of versus like it does in match making.
This way if your running low on a bounty but enjoying the game and everyone in it, you don’t have to back out to create more

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Well at least a bit more constructive then your other post. :smiley:

  • Agree, creating single bounties takes forever and they should incorporate a different create x system rather then having to create one at a time.

  • Feedback from the community, improvement they call it, most games update in-game nowadays.

  • Servers, servers and servers. Also, cannot go by blood alone as this is an issue within the Unreal Engine

  • Bots? Bots are programmed to fully utilize the in-game parameters, range, DMG etc.

  • A controller is limited, Keyboard and Mouse are not.

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Only skimmed it but I agree with some. Regarding headshots, I have mixed feelings. The fact that the Longshot in Gears 4 must be dead center (in lieu of an active) means a lot of shots that would have counted as a kill in other games are just damage, not a kill. This is frustrating but in a way, it means that if you are a good sniper in Gears, you are great sniper everywhere else. I lol at kids trying to get in a sniper battle with me in fortnight because my Gears experience means they don’t stand a chance.

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So shouldn’t they put something in the PC version to help with that obvious advantage?? I mean they change it for community feedback but not for an OBVIOUS advantage?? That’s just crazy talk…

As far as bots, I get you, but if I’m trading shots with a bot I shouldn’t die first 85% of the time… bots are about the only time I use a lancer/enforcer unless there’s another teams player beasting on one, otherwise I’m always going for power weapons…

There’s a reason Console players can choose to turn Crossplay OFF.

Play PC but with a controller. Still, K/M is OP. Can’t even compare. If anything, MS should redesign how the Controller works, faster input etc.

Regarding AI bots, unsure how they are programmed but will assume they are programmed for maximum damage, i.e. aim for the head.

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I didn’t know it could be turned off… I loaded the disc and hit social :rofl::rofl:. Had to learn about bounty’s and credits on my own… Well then that does make a lot of sense… though I like the challenge it’s frustrating sometimes… good to know…

A lot of what you read about PC advantage is false. PC players have plenty of handicaps that limit the supposed advantages. I believe it’s mostly a matter of preference and what works best for the individual. Some of the best gears players I know said they could never get used to this game on a mouse. I’m still a better sniper with a controller than with a mouse. And, though the technical aspects haven’t been disclosed, the aim assist blesses console players in ways they don’t know. When I went to pc it became really eye opening because a lot of point blanks were no longer finding the target like before. I had to up my accuracy a ton.

As far as actual bots, they have perfect timing and accuracy. I’ve been up-A longshotted by bots and hit with every snub round while wallbouncing. When the program decides to hit you, you’re hit.

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  1. with the card companion that they made for us, you can create as many cards as you want…

  2. they change the game based on feedback. not sure where the feedback comes from, but they aren’t just changing it for giggles.

  3. agreed on the headshots and bullet lag.

  4. bots…sure idk so much about this issue

  5. you can turn off crossplay

  6. i don’t agree that throwback maps would be good as the feedback for them adding in old maps wasn’t actually received all that well

  7. 100% agree on bounty creation in between matches. also, the ability to pick a bounty on your first match of the day. if you’re going into a ranked match then you know what bounty to have on, but if not then you’re probably going to get screwed out of a bounty on your first go.

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You can only turn off cross play for ranked, not social