Way too many engineers in horde!

I think the only big disadvantage of Baird is the cost of fortifications and how this can be troublesome at the start of a game. It takes longer to get a Forge up and running. But aside from that, yeah Baird is decent albeit quite different.

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Baird is also has bleed damage I use him as a sniper per say while by friend does the engineering as Del
I bring the card for every precision kill I get I give give fortifications HP so that is how I “support” Del

but Baird can be used as strictly offense no need to step on Del’s Toes at all

I really don’t think cost is any ossue when Jack gives you so much power you can potentially never run out if you know what to build where instead of throwing moderation to the wind and building whatever wherever, which I feel like far too many engis are.

Or they just build far too much. But technically power shouldn’t be an issue with any engi that exists.

I’m referring to the early stages of a game where money is tight. On harder difficulties it can be tough when you don’t have Barriers or Lockers. If a Forge costs 9000 for Baird then that alone takes a few waves to save up for. I think Del’s discount card is up to 30% for initial builds so it makes a big difference early on.

Later on, yeah you should be swimming in money if you have a decent JACK. It’s just getting there!

The earliest wave I’ve had a Level 4 Forge was by the end of Wave 5 with a Baird. And the earliest wave I had Level 4 Forge with Del was Wave 5 too. Something to do with Maths, smelting weapons after upgraded, Kait’s +25% Power Passive.

It does take a bit of working out like if we have 6,000 Power in Fab. And we all get 600 Power each already. We all should be depositing! So to add that 3,000 on for next upgrade Forge. Then smelting weapons again. It’s more efficient.

This makes me want “Deposit!” voice expression.

In terms of cost and just the Forge, there’s only a 3000 difference between Baird and Del as the discount only applies to the inital build and not the upgrades, but I’m referring to the cost of all fortifications - Lockers, Barriers, everything. It all adds up and in the early game, even a couple of items can make a big difference, especially if your team aren’t that good.

You chaps seem to be playing the perfect game, or thereabouts. I have never completed a game with a Jack, built a Forge and they are off, wasted Energy.
I am more concerned, as mentioned by someone else, the early stages of the game, when Energy is tight. Even in a Custom game i still play with randoms, ignorant’s and idiots. No mic, or chatpad.
That 25 to 30% discount makes a difference.

You need to play a game where the team is communicating. It’s an entirely different experience

I use a chatpad, so, yeah, i communicate. Of course i get ignored or no reply. But, i am communicating. I suppose you mean communicate, where others communicate back, eh.
You might be pleased to know, even if i join a Custom game, i am still playing with randoms, and i still end up with the above.

Aside from the special events like Jingle Juvies or that Terminator event, I have never played any Horde games in GOW5 using public searches. I was such a mixed bag in GOW4 that I vowed not to do that again.

I tend to play with friends, or look in the game lobby section. It’s so much better that way. Sure, with the public lobby page you still sometimes get poor and/or unreliable players, but it’s not as bad as a straight on public search.

I am Autistic, Borderline Personality Disorder, Avoidance Personality Disorder and Social Anxiety along with another Mental Disorder, i find it hard to make, find or keep friends. I am stuck to randoms, or custom, or playing a team based game alone.