Way too many engineers in horde!

You know I like Baird I do and unlocked him. But with him del Lizzie and the halo character there are way too many engineers in horde now. I get lobbies with all engineers and the ones with mics complain that the othe lower level ones won’t know what to do. This ruined horde. Before you couldn’t have duplicates but now just change to another engineer… I can’t even do the jingle juvies cause of this and we’ll they don’t know how to play either…

Lizzie is not an Engineer. She is not able to upgrade Fortifications.

There are:

2 Scouts
3 Offense
3 Engineers
5 Tanks
3 Support

There are way more Tanks than Engineers.

If you want to guarantee being Baird for instance, your best bet might be hosting.


She can build decoys, Shock Sentries and barriers. Which is one more fortification than most or all existing non-engineer characters. But she isn’t one regardless.

And your best bet for a role/character you really want to play is to go out and host a lobby yourself. And nobody really is needed outside of JD, Jack and Del and very maybe Kait so I’m not really getting the meaning of your first sentence, at least the first part of it.

Yeah, but… all OTHER character types can easily split the duties without too much coordinations… Engineers are special and have to coordinate and split the responsibilities very carefully otherwise chaos happens, with screaming and yelling :wink: should del buy the lockers or baird? Should baird repair or del? What does kat buy/do? Etc, etc…

Imagine if you had to coordinate “jd only bosses, Sarah looks after scions, lizzy deals with drones, fazh shoots trackers, etc” :wink:

Character duplicates are not allowed in the game, yet you can have 2 Engineers, or 2 Jacks. No game needs 2 Engineers or 2 Jacks.
However, i do feel your pain, i will not play with another Engineer at all, it can take me ages to find a game i want to play, The Coalition are just pure and simple idiots, who clearly do not even play the game, or they would know this.
Baird is the Ultimate Engineer, yet The Coalition decided to create Baird as a Support for the Engineer, whilst being an Engineer, and for this they should be hated beyond belief. Global MG Sentry increased damage, so currently i increase the damage of Del’s MG Sentries. I hate this idea, because i hate Del.
Bairds build in Gears 5 Horde is an insult. Fancy a character who supports another Engineer, well then, you come to the right place, here is Baird. Thank you, The Coalition. Another fine mess you made.
There are too many Engineers in the game, and yes, it does indeed ruin it.

Part of the problem is that Operation 2 only dropped recently and there’s only two new Hero characters for Horde/Escape - so lots of people want to play as them to level them up. If there were say, 4-5 characters released at the same time then things would be spread out.

That is true, but you got to admit, Baird is the number one Engineer and always has been , and even should have been an original character in Gears 5 Horde.
And not forgetting his not so great Skill cards list.
The whole Horde experience has been built around Jack and the Forge, the constant need for Energy means you need a good Engineer. Del is the best, but if you do not like Del… Baird is my go to character, and should/needs to be the better Engineer.

Not Useless.
As for Del, Baird is more of a support role for Del. Baird has faster Repair time, Baird has the MG Sentry Global damage upgrade, and the Weapons Locker is also Global. The Global bit means anyone getting the MG Sentry and the Weapons Locker benefits from these cards.
A good Baird, or a better Baird would have had cheaper Build and cheaper Repair, along with the MG Sentry and Weapons Lockers.
Baird is not useless, however he has been seriously disrespected by The Coalition. I have played Baird with another Del, and because i solely set out to build and not kill, the other Del left me to it, and even without Dels cheapers build skill cards, i built an effective and superior base for the team.
The only problem with the MG Sentry, is it actually forces you to use MG Sentries, i prefer Shocks, because i hate MG Sentries. In fact there are a few maps that need MG Sentries over Shocks.
No, Baird is not useless, he can hold his own. The only problem is the way The Coalition created him for Gears 5 Horde. Not how you use him.

Force might be too strong a word, but i am sure you get my idea/thought.

Baird’s a pretty good engineer. You can define the difference between Baird and Del like this:

Del: ‘original’ engineer (like Gears 4);
Baird: ‘assault’ engineer. Because of his cards, Baird is able to expand the base enormously compared to Del. But his role is far less relaxed than that of Del.

Baird has been around since Gears of War, he was an Engineer even as far back as that, Baird is the original Engineer. Just because Del was first to get the role in an actual game, incidently Baird was there too, doe snot make Del the original Engineer.
The Coalition plain and simply have disrespected Baird, turning him in to a support character for Del, it is just, wrong, plain wrong.
But, yes, i know Baird can hold his own, it is just that people ask for Del more than Baird, this should not be happening at all. 10% discount, base, it is not enough. The Coalition are just basically asking us to choose Del over Baird, in fact the people already are stating need Del in custom games.
Baird does not deserve this, for craps sake, biased or not Baird is, and should be the better/best Engineer, and it is time The Coalition realised this.
Del is a creation of The Coalition, this is not an excuse to put Baird second place to Del. Bloody idiots.

They better not tell this guy about Marcus, goodness knows what they’ll say to that.

I wasn’t specifically referring Del as ‘original’ engineer, I was referring the role he has in Horde: it’s more or less similar as to the role of engineer in Gears 4.

Baird is still pretty good, people just need to get used to him.

Getting used to him is one thing, taking the piss is another. Why should Baird be second fiddle to Del in the first place.
I am sure Del is a good Engineer, i have gotten mine to level 14. As an Engineer he is, actually good, as a character, i just simply hate him. Damn that voice annoys the duck out of me “Here’s my friend’s” A Duckin Norring.
But, i suppose, each to their own. I am positive someone thinks Del is better than Baird.

Baird’s not second fiddle, he’s just a different kind of engineer. With Precision Repairs, Baird could build fortifications all around the map without ever having to repair them. One game I’ve had in Exibit was a level 18 Baird who build spikes all across the middle, without ever having to go there to repair. With sentries on strategic locations, half the map was never entered by the Swarm. Energy was never an issue because a) with everybody helping to collect weapons for the Forge it goes pretty fast with energy and b) no repairs = less required energy. Some like the one who played Kait felt forced to move to the middle of the map because she was unable to get any kills. This was on Master.

Baird just requires a different strategy than Del, but is no less powerful. If you know how to use him he can be a really good engineer. You can say Baird is more valuable because Del is purely limited to his role as engineer. Like for the moment there’s no point for him being available for Escape: besides score boosts, he has only 3 cards that aren’t related to his role as engineer.



In time people will realize baird is actually the stronger engineer.

Most del’s still think efficient fabrication and fabrication health cards are literally non-un-equippable. I literally don’t use them on del, and never really did.

The other cost cards on del are actually much better. For instance, del can refill turrets for free/ yes, free. This easily outscales the savings from efficient fabrication, and the extra health on fortifications costs extra power to repair. Repair efficiency from best friends is better than the health card all day.

Baird is actually BETTER than del overall, imo.

Free repairs, full cost refills, but that just means you’re going to go barrier heavy. Sentries sparingly, and frankly - he does great damage, and doesnt need the repair tool out all round.

He is a better engineer. He contributes more to the team efficiency than del. Change my mind.


Ah, agreed. One way I see it is that Del’s more of a relaxed engineer, while Baird’s an active engineer. Like for Precision Repairs, he needs to be a constant part of the game. Presuming you’ve got a decent team, with Del you could easily skip a round or two.



Another thing- a good jd or kait are bairds best friends.

They provide non stop DBNO for embar finishes across the map. Everything stays full all game if I sit down-range of kait/jd’s kill zone. It’s just so nice, so efficient, I don’t even care that it takes 2k to refill lvl 4 mg. Even if theres 6+ on the field.

Also can we mention his ultimate, and bleeds?

He can save a crunch. Stop a swarmak. Get that bastion that hooked off to the right where others cant really catch it (I cant tell you how many bastion clutches Ive pulled already with baird). Keep a boss or sentinel/guardian from regenerating.

Man, I just don’t get it. He’s getting so much shade from the playerbase, but he’s actually a freaking beast haha

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Blood Drain Kait is even better with Baird, right? I have not seen a single Kait take advantage of that, but I knew it could possibly work and haven’t played Kait lately since maxed.


With baird’s currently insanely broken bleeds, yes, it is quite quite silly.

I had one in a game with me on allfathers where I was doing the barriers (I no longer care not to cheat, but I still disapprove of your spreading of cheats btw, I digress though.)."

Pretty cool, they basically stayed in cloak till end of wave, every wave, once up.

The only issue is that as hilarious as it is that kait is just merking every enemy - it was robbing me of precision repairs :P. Probably not an issue with the bleeds up, but once patched there will be a need for some coordination.

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