Way to remove mini map from horde?

Is there any way to remove the minimap from horde only? Or is it just the HUD toggle on-off.
I’m not really a fan of how much HUD we have now in horde and escape.
It would be cool if it was just the gun ammo, enemies left and when your ultimate is ready.

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Currently there isn’t a way to turn it off. Now I don’t mind it, but I don’t use the minimap much outside of Escape, and am not sure why it was added into Horde. Its only use so far has been to get a rough idea of a downed teammate’s position without turning the camera that way, there. But I thought they’d give players the option to switch it off right at launch, instead all we have is a toggle to turn its rotation on or off.

Yeah thought so, I don’t see the point in horde when tac com works fine but… oh well.
It would be cool to make certain parts of the HUD toggle-able instead as the rotation just throws me off.
Good addition in escape though I’ll give them that