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Way to kill your game even more (gears 5 feedback)

What a mess this game is.

  • Arcade mode is alright however I dont understand how the quickplay works? Ive played quickplay arcade with 3 people and I loved this, However ive done some research and heard that quickplay and arcade quickplay is only gonna be for two players? So you are splitting friends up that wanna play a certain mode?

  • Aim Assist shouldnt be in the game, Atleast not like this. It feels way too easy to down people super fast.

  • Crossplay restrictions should be removed so the player base can stay strong. They already said they are following gears 4 with how servers and crossplay work. Its a horrible idea.

  • Pretty much they dont want you to play this game online with friends and just have fun. You have to think about how to do it and get around it with either a VPN or be forced to play ranked.

  • The maps in this tech test are too small. It also feels like judgment maps with ■■■■ ton of hallways and open areas.

  • Gears 3 allowed players to play as a group whatever you did. horde, multiplayer or campaign. in gears 5 you have a two player campaign? 3 player escape? and maybe 2 or 5 man multiplayer? lol.

  • Heavy weapons feel great in gears 5. Being able to aim with them without sitting down is really nice.

  • Is curb stomp removed or do you have to unlock it now? Bet it will be a paid item in their item shop.

Maps are def too small. Unorganized chaos everywhere.

yeah they are. I hope this is not a theme for the game

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