Watching winning esports points

cant find my eports points anywhere

Go on the desktop site. It’s right below your gamertag.

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where i don’t
see it

You have to be watching on If you’re on mobile, you have to switch your browser to desktop site. Your points are located under your gamertag.


Where’s desktop site

Open your browser’s options menu and clock on desktop site.

They mean “Desktop view” on a mobile device web browser.

Note, that if you haven’t yet earned any points, nothing is visible.

After you’ve watched the stream for an hour (well, a little over, since it can take 15 mins to update) you’ll earn your first 100 points, you’ll then see 100 under your gamertag in the top right (on a desktop web browser or using desktop view on a mobile browser).

Wheres the game tag i need a picture

Top, right corner.

Is that a system or a phone?

Phone. But it should display the same.

That’s a screenshot of a mobile using desktop view, if looking it at mobile that won’t be the default view though.

so why u have 100 points>? i have 4800 not sure how?

The previous one showed them how to get there.