Watched the whole dev stream and didn't get my skin

I’m a bit salty for wasting an hour of my life for no payout

You have to click on the quest tab… that’s the one with the star… than you have to claim the skin via the completed quest, again, on the quest tab… then it’ll be added to your game inventory…
Just sitting in the chat watching the stream doesn’t give you a skin.

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Corp skins suck anyway lol. Surprised people even want those skins. I’m a collector and I have all other claimable skins in the game, but I couldn’t give less of a ____ about those Corp skins.

Edit: Corp, not Corpser

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are they corpser? isnt corpser already a skin and these are just called corps?

either way i agree they’re pretty ugly

They are called Corp not to be confused with corpser.

Yeah that’s true actually. Goes to show how little I care about thses skins I guess lol

it’s skins like these that make me wish they were scrappable because i accidentally got the overkill corp skin and i strongly dislike it

What’s the point even getting the skin when your never going to use it? Plus i feel they should really ditch the skins as it only just bring people in only for skins with no intention to actually watch the stream.

Also I would just move on as the skin isnt really special, it isnt going to get you anywhere in life.