Watch these 2 clips

First one shows a blatant headshot

2nd clip shows that shot on the killcam a mile away

2nd clip also shows me pull out my Gnasher to gib the guy, and shot is majorly delayed, and fired a full half second after I pull my trigger.


They say ping is acceptable and doesn’t effect gameplay…


But TC don´t care about ping. Read a tweet that that is a thing they will look at when all other are fixed…like seriously? Nothing works unless you are on dedicated servers! Why cant I pick my closest?! Now I get 120-160 ping 9 of 10 matches. For a game I payed a lot os money for. If the campaign is the only thing thats gonna work (welll not work but function…) then thats a lot of money for 13 hours play. That´s about 10 dollars an hour. Stupid!