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NO ONE LOOKS AT THESE, 917 views POINTLESS, let me post my ■■■■ in general discussion, or somewhere not POINTLESS

How do i post a video its about gears 5

Hi there! We make gears of war montages and fails, and we would really appreciated if you could give us a like on our videos, and maybe subscribe if you are really into it :yum:

The channel is here:

Heres a video:

Thanks in advance!!!:wink::blush:

Would really appreciate it if some of you could check out my channel. I just uploaded a new montage today!

Here is my hands on Gears 5 escape. Please give me feedback

Here are some of my videos, been playing gears since the first game used to go under the name Xx THREATZ xX.

Heres my latest gears 4 weekend montage

Theres more videos on my channel thanks

Sup gear heads! check out my Last gears Montage
Much love,

Yeaaa, i have to check my stream from yesterday to see if it even loaded the video, but when i wasnt streaming, i tried to “record that” (wouldve been an awesome video of me taking out half the team) and recording was disabled. Was this intentional for the tech test? I do believe i glances others streaming, but not being able to record a dope kill bothers lol

I HATED Gears 4… Here’s what I think of Gears 5

My first montage for Gears 5!

Gears 3 Montage

Gears Judgement Sniping Highlights

New gears 5 montage hope you guys enjoy

Check out my Gears 5 Tech test minitage which i edited myself!
I appreciate any Likes and comments!
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One of my clips from the Gears 5 Tech Test

Here is my Reaction video to Gears 5 story trailer

Here are my 2 other Reaction videos for Gears 5

Gears 5 360 gnasher trick shot in ranked

gears 5 montage

The AWFUL Tour of Duty System in Gears 5