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(Mothman1327) #45

General Raam Sword Replica

(Evassive Gv) #46

My Channel YouTube:

(UnGodly Heaven) #47

Hello everyone hope you guys are having a good day I’m dropping this little video to get some feedback I’d appreciate it and anyways I hope you enjoy

(NinjaChang YT) #48

I put these together over a year ago. Thanks.

(DJ Sani 0f W4R) #49

Gears of War 4 - Season 1 to 5 - great moments!

(Skyticluz) #50

Gears montage

(og sie 247) #51

Subscriber 1v1 tourney. Tomorrow January 30th at 9pm PST. Winner gets bragging rights and to collaborate with me on my channels next emotes.

(Evassive Gv) #52

New Video, Montage OpTic SuMuNs

(PLAYBOSS 67) #53

My name is PLAYBOSS 67, I just created a youtube channel where the videos will be on the Gears of war serie. I would make videos to show the different skin in Gears and via the forum I would make private parties a bit like TC Octus, do not forget to subscribe to my channel the link is here:


(NIGHT JuGleR) #55

Go to my YouTube channel … I upload montages I hope you like my videos and I would like to reach 100 subs please help me.

(iDuskk) #56

Hi guys, my name is iDuskk. I stream on Mixer and create the occasional Youtube Video. I have alot of tips and tricks videos for newer players, alot of opinions and discussion videos, funny moments, etc. Feel free to check them out, I’m gonna be doing alot more Gears content since Gears 5 is around the corner.


(PrincelyTick497) #57

Gears Of War Dance Party BABY!:joy: