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(RC 5052) #24

Not much but figured I’d throw my hat in the ring lol.

(DallyDANTE) #25 :video_game::sunglasses: Enjoy!

(Flakovelli) #26

New vid hope you guys enjoy it!

(LandoFabrizian) #27

Yo guys and gals !! come hang! streaming gears comp daily! if you wanna play and are a serious player message me on xbl LandoFabrizian!! as long as you speak English and arew around 18 years of age im down thanks!

(T0PGUNF0X) #28

I’m in the TCA (no skin/emblem yet) 200+ subs at let’s collaborate!!! for a montage!!

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(Flakovelli) #30

Hope you guys enjoy !!!

(Soniike) #31

I am a new editor btw! I was hoping that someone who knows how to edit can give me a a few more tricks, so please if you do dm me on Twitter @Soniike and do like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed this edit!

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also we have a Twitch now that is also free to join … unless you want tasty treats you can Sub to us!!! whats inside ???

(GsQ Stubborn) #34

New montage, clutches, quints, quads (all ranked)

(og sie 247) #35

Well I been creating Gears of War only content since the beginning of this year. I am new to the scene but Gears of War addict since day 1.
I stream almost everyday at 9pm PST when th wife and daughter have gone to bed. All my links below. Thank you.
Twitter: @OGsie247

(xARC4DIANx) #36

Hey, I just got this thread and I would like to share my first montage of Gears 4. Please do let me know your thoughts.

(og sie 247) #37

OSOK vid up now.

(Christ Commando) #38

Been pretty fun. Still consider it hard to take this game seriously with the lack of positional audio, I really hope this is something they address in the fifth game. I’ve never seen a game in which enemies don’t have footsteps before.


Just a few clips from tonight’s play. When I went from Onyx to diamond it took me essentially straight into diamond 2 (I was onyx 3 right to diamond 1 90%), so I’m hoping I get that luxury one more time to make hitting diamond 5 prior to the new season a possbiility.

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@calitiongears #WhatsUpGears

(og sie 247) #40

‪@CoalitionGears #WhatsUpGears

(Oregon Pacifist) #41

I’m not sure if this is the best forums to post this, but it’s a fun video to watch! I’m not the greatest Gears player but I have my moments. These are those moments!

(T0PGUNF0X) #42 longshot montage

(og sie 247) #43

English/ Español. Chilling, chatting, vibbing, and ranging. Come hangout! Streaming Gears of War 4, Live at 9pm PST. #Gears #GearsFam #Gears5 #GearsofWar #GearsofWar4 #TwitchFam #WhatsUpGears