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Action packed Gears of War 4 Content.


KOTH Montage

New video boys!

New video showcasing the Outer Wilds Kait!

I have a montage to share! A montage of the crummy hit detection! Hit detection is abysmal in Gear4. Please learn from this TC and don’t let the same happen to Gears 5. At least fix the bug of players being invincible while going into DBNO animations!

Sponges of War 4

Not much but figured I’d throw my hat in the ring lol. :video_game::sunglasses: Enjoy!

Yo guys and gals !! come hang! streaming gears comp daily! if you wanna play and are a serious player message me on xbl LandoFabrizian!! as long as you speak English and arew around 18 years of age im down thanks!

I’m in the TCA (no skin/emblem yet) 200+ subs at let’s collaborate!!! for a montage!!


I am a new editor btw! I was hoping that someone who knows how to edit can give me a a few more tricks, so please if you do dm me on Twitter @Soniike and do like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed this edit!

also we have a Twitch now that is also free to join … unless you want tasty treats you can Sub to us!!! whats inside ???

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New montage, clutches, quints, quads (all ranked)

Well I been creating Gears of War only content since the beginning of this year. I am new to the scene but Gears of War addict since day 1.
I stream almost everyday at 9pm PST when th wife and daughter have gone to bed. All my links below. Thank you.
Twitter: @OGsie247

Hey, I just got this thread and I would like to share my first montage of Gears 4. Please do let me know your thoughts.

OSOK vid up now.

Been pretty fun. Still consider it hard to take this game seriously with the lack of positional audio, I really hope this is something they address in the fifth game. I’ve never seen a game in which enemies don’t have footsteps before.


Just a few clips from tonight’s play. When I went from Onyx to diamond it took me essentially straight into diamond 2 (I was onyx 3 right to diamond 1 90%), so I’m hoping I get that luxury one more time to make hitting diamond 5 prior to the new season a possbiility.

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