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(TC Octus) #1

Created an awesome montage? About to go live on Mixer, Twitch or YouTube? Let other Gears fans get in on the action by sharing your creations here!

Golden Gun Clips
Just a few more fun clips on my first 100 matches of ranked
My Gears 4 Multiplayer Highlight Reel
My Channel YouTube
My Gears 4 Multiplayer Highlight Reel
Hi this is my clip
2 Community Montages GOW2 + GOW4
Matanza en rey de la colina
Soniike | Gears UE Minitage | Im a new editor
Just a few more fun clips on my first 100 matches of ranked
My Gears 4 Multiplayer Highlight Reel
(TC Octus) #2

(CogCouple) #3

Well we have a YouTube channel and it’s free to join xx

(dastardly777) #4

Already subbed! Keep it up!

(dastardly777) #5

I don’t upload as often as I’d like but plan on going weekly in the very near future. I do occasional news, rumors, opinions and (mostly) gameplay music videos. I’m not the best in the game, but I hope you enjoy!

(Fable Mills) #8

I upload alot of Gears and sometimes some Fortnite. Feel free to subscribe if you want!

(lBv DiamonDie) #9

enjoy it with headphones :black_heart:

(CoNFuSioN PK) #10

I’m a Gears of war streamer and as well as a podcast co-host

(Soul Aeonz) #11

Watch my last montage

(Lambent Lucky) #12

Here’s a link to my channel!

(TheGearsProdigy) #13

What’s up Gears Nation! If your looking for a Channel that delivers ALL Gears News then my channel is for you! I also cover a wide variety of Gears Content. Including but not limited to; Pack Unboxings, Character/ Weapon Showcasings and much more! Feel free to drop by and support the channel.

(Embry Starred) #14

Hey gears fans Embry Starred here going to shamelessly plug my podcast now :slight_smile: you can find us on youtube, sound cloud, Google play, and the website below which has links to all of them!

The Embry Square: Gears of War Community Podcast is a weekly to biweekly Podcast Hosted by Embry
Starred (William), ProGear360 (Jay), Confusion PK (Bill). The Episodes can vary between 40 minutes to several
hours in length, covering a vast amount of topics from the latest news, lore, content creator spotlights,
debates, and exclusive interviews/round tables with members and affiliates from The Coalition and is
meant to be the a place to listen to all things Gears of war! We strive to provide the best quality
podcasts for you fellow Gearheads to enjoy and provide many ways for you to connect with us.

(Pay4That) #16

☆☆☆☆ Here is my Twitch channel :slightly_smiling_face:☆☆☆☆


☆☆☆☆ Pay4That@Twitch ☆☆☆☆

(URS Dementives) #17 my clip of the week

(Adrian M ThePRO) #18

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Action packed Gears of War 4 Content.


(Skyticluz) #19

KOTH Montage

(Fable Mills) #20

New video boys!

(Fable Mills) #21

New video showcasing the Outer Wilds Kait!

(soulcalibr) #22

I have a montage to share! A montage of the crummy hit detection! Hit detection is abysmal in Gear4. Please learn from this TC and don’t let the same happen to Gears 5. At least fix the bug of players being invincible while going into DBNO animations!

Sponges of War 4

(Flakovelli) #23

New competitive montage, hope you guys enjoy! Feel free to add me so we can play and get better together :smiley: