Waste of time..50 wvs for nothing

So i put up with public n manage 50 wvs on experienced horde…i get 10 green cards for my efforts…only there all duplicates as my jack is all level 5… so tc n rod…its just another reason peeps are pissed at this shoddy game

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That sounds like its working as intended.

At lvl 5, Jack only has access to 4 green cards and 1 blue card.

When selecting difficulties, skill card drop rates show as a coloured circle on the left. At experienced difficulty, the drop rate will be roughly 80% chance for green cards.

So there’s a really high chance you were supposed to get all green cards.

…I didn’t like the system at first either until I started unlocking more mutators for custom lobbies. In custom lobbies, I can choose mutators out of sequence and avoid the ones I dislike, but still keep the difficulty high enough to increase my chance for better drops.

I just wish I could see what mutators people selected in the lobby browser when finding a game.


I agree, I wish you could see which things they have active before you actually join.

I personally like running insane most of the time. I don’t have the extra damage to players or enemy health on but the rest I do. Subsequently I may give them extra health but remove the slower regen for players. Either way, I’ve been pretty unlucky because because even after multiple clears on insane, I get mostly green, and like one blue lol. Yesterday I got one blue and one epic… then greens :frowning:

I still remember the days when we played just for the fun of it.


i think playing to some sort of progression does keep me entrenched in it now but this isnt a good example for this guys intended post.

I have a lvl. 17 JD that ive been trying to grind purple and yellow cards for. Playing insane/inconceivable. ive had more luck playing on advanced, than i have on the higher difficulties when it comes to the “better cards”. meaning ive not got a single purple playing on inconceivable and only 1 purple while on insane. yet on advanced, ive got the bulk of my purple. the RNG is the big issue.

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Yeah i get that Madistic, i knew id get repeat cards…sorry my point was more at not getting any scrap for them…

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I know the feeling I just got finish doing 38 waves on intermediate by myself got two green cards WTF

Rewarding game isnt it…to be fair did a game on master and got very little for that either

I just finished a 1-50 run on Insane - got absolutely nothing - no cards, scrap, no XP - nothing, and haven’t seen any tweets mentioning any Horde or general server issues. Anyone experiencing anything in the last couple of hours or so?

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Im not surprised…this horde is flatlining fast…so little for so much effort

In Escape, today’s game sessions were faulty, full team waiting for the rescue infinitely after hive’s shutting down, black screen after getting into safe room…etc.

As for Horde, happens a lot but gets updated in a while.

Not played any escape noble…but seems like all these issues are ongoing…u just get very little for playing horde to 50 wvs…im guessing escape aint much different

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Yeah to be fair with TC, they do tend to retroactively add XP, cards, credits etc whenever the servers have problems. Even in GOW4 they did this reliably so hopefully this is fixed by tomorrow.

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This comment proves nothing since I recently finished 50 waves on insane only to get all green cards and one blue. The odds are really stupid so I usually just stick with elite and receive different colored cards that way instead of only greens that have already been maxed out

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I totally agree,
I’ve just finished 5 hours Horde match for 5 cards total in Master.
Holy ****, not planning to touch horde for months ahead.

Get outta here with all that positive talk. You will be telling us the glass is half full next, when we know different :wink: :slight_smile:

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Yes, thought you were automatically supposed to get scrap. When you get cards on top of your level 5 cards, they just show up as the number cards on top of the level 5. I haven’t seen where I have earned any scrap for them.

You don’t get autoscrap for them right now. They might be adding extra levels to the cards so they haven’t put in the autoscrap for dupes yet. The only thing that autoscraps is extra cosmetic items from supply drops.

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No problem. It’s been posted a lot around here about what they intend on doing with the extras so I figured I’d let you know.