Wasn’t able to spawn in VS

I wasn’t able to spawn after dying during a VS match. This isn’t the first time this happened as there was once a time where I just simply couldn’t spawn in the game from the beginning! Has anyone else experienced this? Cause it’s awfully annoying.

Unfortunately been an issue since launch.

It has happened to myself and @BChaps previously, and both of us passed this onto TC.

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I had an even funnier one last time. Match countdown started with the preview of the characters but no character was shown, only saw the names. Camera flips, still no character. Round starts and the enemy team just instantly won the first round.

After that it was ok but it was still weird.


Man that’s awful lol

Yup. It also happened with me. :roll_eyes:

Happens all the time now, it bugs out when ppl join as its starting.
I once had a 5v1 (me) in guardian.

Had this happen the other night. Happened after a double kill with Gnashers. I had to wait until the end of the round in King of the Hill to get back into the game.