Was trishot nerfed?

Subjective feeling! Was playing last night. Trishot felt… Off… It was taking more shots to kill ebemies, was running out of ammo faster, etc… Not a HUGE change but noticeable, to me…

Anyone else found that?

Nothing I’ve noticed, albeit I didn’t use the Tri-Shot much in the 2-3 Horde matches I played since the most recent update.

Easiest way to tell would be to turn damage numbers on. If the weapon still deals 450 damage per body shot(as long as all barrels are firing) and 900 per headshot in Horde, nothing’s changed about it.

And it may be that Horde enemies feel noticeably more spongy if a player spent a bit of time in Escape and then goes back to Horde, not that this may be at cause here.