Was three-player splitscreen always in Gears 5?

Or was it introduced with the new operation? I just noticed last night after signing in my main and secondary accounts for split-screen Horde that there was a “Player 3 press pause button to sign in” prompt after that, so I dug up another controller, signed that in as a guest, and then I was able to take all three of them into the game!

If this is a new operation feature, then I’d like to say it’s a very welcome one. I’ve been annoyed since Gears 4 at being limited to two characters for split-screen Horde, and this plus the return of duplicate classes makes me one happy lone wolf.(Even if I’m still not gonna last long…)

I’m relatively sure this was in since launch as it was shown off at E3 where they introduced Escape before the game went out.


I concur 99% it was from launch.

100%. Always wondered why it wasn’t 4-player split-screen.