Was thinking about buying either Optic or Ghost Gaming Kait in GoW 4 seeing as I've been waiting well over a year for the Black Steel to return

This money has literally been sat there burning a hole in my pocket. But I don’t want to buy it if they decide to make everything craftable.


I wouldn’t recommend buying it either way. Those Kait skins are Trashball themed and nowhere near as good looking as the Black Steel skin, and also look really out of character on Kait imo(one of the worst skins in Gears 4, overall).

But I very much doubt Black Steel will ever return to 4. It was a Gears 4 eSports supporter program, and, well, Gears 4 eSports no longer seems to be a thing, so…

Since TC are not support Gears 4 eSports,

There’s no chance they will bring back premium skins like Black Steel for 4.

I also wouldn’t spend anymore money on cosmetics there - and that’s coming from someone who spent over $5,000!!

Unless you really want to and still play a lot, it’s best to just use what you have and play the game, at this point in the games life cycle.

I still play GoW at a few hours everyday, I haven’t played Gears 5 in months.

In an ideal world id buy a bunch of black steel characters… But that ain’t gonna happen so idk what to do tbh.

I’d say give Gears 5 another try, it’s got slightly more content and has some fixes too, although it does need some work.

Gears 4 I imagine will have a limited life span but it’s good if you’re still able to play it and find games.

As far as purchasing content, sadly, the chance for anything that’s not currently there is now gone. Perhaps TC should have thrown up all the content for people to get at least.

The Vs AI bots are really difficult in Gears 5 even on casual, I just end up dying over and over even in a 1v1 scenario :persevere: On GoW 4 I can take on 3 bots on the same difficulty with ease.
Also one of the biggest things that puts me off Gears 5 is the hero system, forcing me to play as a character I don’t want to in order to play a class.

Had a dude in game chat call me Del…

Oh I feel this too, the bots on Casual are just OP with lancer.

I normally use a lot more cover or run straight for Power Weapons.

I normally avoid AI anyway, you improve so much in Ranked and it’s more accurate of how people actually play.


I don’t really play Horde/Escape at all but I’ve heard nothing but negative comments about the class system.

It also apparently slows down new character releases, I don’t know how true this is but I’m sure TC said they have to build a class system for them or something to that effect. Same for Arcade I guess.

Either way, I like the way Gears 5 plays, it has many flaws, but I think gameplay on the whole is better than 4.

TC literally has to slow down the entire character release process because of this. They have to create and balance individual skill sets for every single character, both in Horde and Escape. Arcade may not take nearly as long as that. And TC doesn’t just release the models straight up because apparently, it would be “unfair to the Horde and Escape players”, if I recall correctly. Nobody or hardly anybody asked for this stuff in Horde from what I remember and, excluding that positivity is much less likely to be voiced by players, there is hardly any support being shown for it now either. Couldn’t care less if done in Escape because it’s a new mode and works around the whole system much better, in part because it’s shorter and only has two teammates who could potentially have your character, and people are more open in most matches to the team composition as well.

Needless to say, I would rather they don’t ever take this approach in a main line title again, or if they do, at least offer an alternative to not have to bother with character locked classes. They can keep a no duplicates rule for all they want so long as I can pick whatever character for a class.

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Lol I find Ranked super stressful, my ex use to drag me into it and he’d get top and id be at the bottom, then he’d moan at me for being trash and dragging the team down… Lol think it lasted less than a month :rofl:

Del do this Del do that… Nope at least let me be Kait and build stuff :thinking:


Ranked can be stressful at first, but, remember, everyone starts at a low level / rank.

It’s only through practice and putting yourself through that, which lets you then get better.

I’m a Masters Ranked player and I don’t mind lower ranked players - as long as they are playing objective, not AFK and just use some game IQ.

You definitely don’t have to come top to actually be valued by the team.

Sounds like your Ex just wasn’t understanding this.

I’d say give it another go, even going solo but I tend to play with a small team of 1-3 with Mic’s and just try and have fun in ranked.

Also, depending on your region, if you have a high population, you can also get better match ups for rank and skill.

I think playing without pressure or feeling anything but that you’ve give it your best and tried and opening up to learning about how to get better but also how to play better and smarter is key.

So yeah, don’t let that stop you trying again!

Aww, you be who you want to be!

Hmm maybe but id rather just hop on and play my game, i don’t generally have a lot of time and my active hours are usually the dead hours.

But I’m not allowed! Gears 5 makes me play as del :unamused:

I don’t think these Trashball skins are worth it. They won’t become craftable. So unless you really liked those skins, I’d avoid at all cost.

I wasn’t used to playing very specific characters either when started Gears 5. Over time, gotten used to it. It no longer matters. The main thing that matters is the play style.

Whatever works best for you!!

And aha, Del ain’t so bad!

But I wouldn’t really know because the few times I tried Horde, I was always Fahz and didn’t pay attention to whatever that meant :sweat_smile:

Not a fan?

I mean for me at least character choice outweighs play style. But that’s me

Have you heard his cheer emote… Sounds like a bad Scooby Doo impression.
I like Del, I just don’t want to BE Del

Well it was a terrible skin and I one day spelt it wrong. It was called Trashball ever since.

Hello :slight_smile:I would suggest playing Gears 3, we still have people playing or you can play all modes private V bots and that is ANY mode including Beast and Horde…which btw is the Greatest Horde (in my opinion of course :wink: ) You can be Sam,Alicia,Bernie and build what you want.

Locust Forever.

Good old Gears 3, those were the days. Only thing I disliked about it was spawning as Marcus during a join in progress

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Aha yesss!!!

Me and my GF spent a lot of time spamming Lizzie’s laugh everywhere and was so funny when everyone else joined in too randomly :joy:

Same for Kantus!!

Isn’t there a female Engineer? :thinking: Or are Baird and Del the only Engineers in the game!? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

There is, but we don’t say her name in these parts. She should bore off back to that other universe where she belongs. :wink: