Was There A Recent Update?

I only play Gears 4, and put Gears 5 on once a month or so.

Yesterday, Gears 4 was down, so I logged into Gears 5 and for the first time, actually enjoyed myself.

For some reason, it feels a little more like the superior Gears 4, but can’t quite put my finger on it.

To be clear, I still think it’s a little too slow, and the Boltok and Retro are ruined, and the Fortnite dancing and weightlifting is bad, and the laughing I keep hearing characters do is easily the worst idea ever, and not showing ranks is cheap. But the gameplay seemed different.

Has there been an update or something?

Yes there was an update, Retro was always bad.

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Well depending on when you last played, there have been some big gnasher and map changes and whatnot. As for recently, the only thing that changed was actives on the lancer, snub, and gnasher got changed (no more damage boost, just much faster reload), and the aim adhesion has been removed universally in multiplayer I believe. Now they are testing the movement and sliding in the most recent dev playlist change

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I hate that emote. Whenever anyone does it in Horde or Escape (I’m mostly a PVE player) I turn my back on the frigger.

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Think the most hated 1 is cog gear laugh


I love my MVP Kait laugh at the end of the match. She can laugh without smiling!

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Have you ever heard the laugh of Cole!? Horrible!!! :anguished:

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That and the ridiculous “bicep smooching” as I like to call it are just the worst of the bunch right now.

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thanks all

guess my monthly match has resulted in a tolerance for mediocrity

welp, i’ll be back for my allfathers or asylum match in four weeks

Wonder what prop emotes will be added though in Operation 4.I do emotes to annoy people but I stopped doing it for a while because I was reported after I revived someone who kept on being suicidal the whole game and said “You Suck” with Sarah Connors Boo emote(Btw Sarah Connor has the best Laugh emote).