Was there a reason or plan?

As to why execution is warzone and not execution?

But also koth.

New mode but from old ideas, TC have all the brains…

…some left though.

Just really weird to me… I didn’t play 4 so idk how that game went but these modes are pretty silly

Basically according to Dana, IIRC whenever they brought ANY “single live per round” mode, it would be the least populated one.

But people kept asking and asking for Execution because apparently it’s an staple of the Series or something like that.

As to why Execution doesn’t have “Execution rules” no reason officially.

Maybe it’s just that they thought people would be confused by having one game mode where you couldn’t kill people from far?

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DBNO shouldn’t even be in the game.



Ya I usually agree with you but this one got me. Like Dobby through the portal

Because the way it’s been utilized in the game going back to GoW1 has been ridiculous. Instant revives with near instant full health, quick self revives, crawling, etc. Most of the time you get downed/down someone you get the kill anyway, but for the times where you don’t it’s ridiculous. Some modes you can kill people from across the map while theyre down, others you can’t, some modes it takes 3-4 bullets others it can take 3/4s a clip of lancer.

I don’t know what great addition to the gameplay it even is — nothing about reviving is difficult. Most of the time you just press X, then sometimes you act like you’re going to press X and chunk someone instead.

Edit: We’ve also had a game with DBNO — Domination, at least in the early part of GoWJ didn’t have DBNO and I don’t think the gameplay suffered for it at all.

Edit2: It also slows down gameplay, in some situations it dramatically slows down the gameplay. It makes winning outnumbered fights more difficult, and it makes your individual life slightly less valuable (because on average every time you get downed theres probably a 30% chance you live)

Edit3: DBNO is also a balancing obstacle when it comes to rifle damage, leading to stronger more oppressive rifles. Because rifles are just designed to down, and not every down is a kill — the rifles have to be made stronger to compensate. However the distribution of rifle downs is totally arbitrary and random in actual games leading to sometimes feeling like the lancer is getting you every kill, and other times feeling like it gets you nothing. If we removed DBNO, we could weaken the rifles while simultaneously increasing their effectiveness.

I mean, I don’t think people should become immortal to lancer fire when they go down in 5. But without DBNO we wouldn’t have things like executions which are one of the main things that separates gears from other games.

Personally I wouldn’t play gears if it didn’t have executions and being knocked down is one of those things where you might have a chance to live which keeps it interesting. The competitive tuning in gears 4 was super boring because it forced you to try to one shot someone and in my opinion that just isn’t fun.

Oh and we also wouldn’t have meat shields, another stand out feature.

The game doesn’t turn into gow4 comp tuning without DBNO. DBNO if anything aided in playing for nothing but one shots — although you’re playing for chunks more in this game than Gow4 comp.

I understand what you’re saying and I know how you like to play so I can see why you have this view.

I love that there’s this consensus that I just play like a moron.

I never said that. I just know you bounce a lot (normally for no tactical advantage) because that’s what you like to do, and that’s fine obviously. And you like bouncing into one shot range rather than downing and executing people.

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Even if that’s all I did, removing DBNO doesn’t help that playstyle — it hinders it if anything. Think about how your thought process changes when you know someone on the other team is on their last down — you’re way less likely to try bouncing/running/walking into them.

My thought process doesn’t change because I hardly ever get into a situation where someone will be on their last down. It just doesn’t happen very often. When it does I still go for a two shot because I would rather see their body just fall over than blow up into little pieces.

I wouldn’t mind getting rid of chunks. Lot less people just running at you and longer gnasher fights. But thats just my 2 cents

I would be 100% in favor of testing the removal of the one shot chunk. If a point blank did 99% instead of 100% and you could still chunk people who were hurt, that might be fun to test.

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