Was the Scion stunned or not?

I thought it should’ve been.


I’m stunned he wasn’t stunned, stunning video.


That’s the most annoying thing in escape, you can encounter this in every run. Oh god, I hate it so much.

From my point of view, Scion clearly should be stunned.

Now from my experience of converting ink grenade to gears 1, this can vary as hell.

First thing that can prevent stunning, is that this grenade flashed behind Scion, I encountered this many times that even drone doesn’t get stun when grenade flashes behind him. That of course doesn’t occur in 100% cases.

Secondly, geometry of the floor in this room could cause the flash to behave as it was near wall. Unreal engine sometimes falsely reads lower cover or really low stair as full solid wall and if you want to get all affected objects in specific radius, trace function just stops tracing all objects behind it. And in that place there is a floor crate that is higher than floor for about 5-10uu. I had a lucky situation, where a boom exploded between my characters legs and I survived getting no damage, what saved me is that bomblet hit a hole between sandbags and all projectiles exploded there causing all damage inside sandbags cover.

Flash grenades are still not so reliable as it should be in Escape.

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Neither is the 3 hit stun combo. Once in a while you kick a drone and it’s like nothing happened.


And then he appears to be behind you, waiting to rape you for your naive foolishness .

And apparently you cant chainsaw sires anymore which is dumb being that was the most effective way to take them down… anyone else having that issue and also missing a chainsaw hit puts me into a reload everytime which gets annoying mid battle.

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What goold would that even be? Lancers in Escape are rarer than good team-mates and in Horde they’re only really an issue if one of them sneaks up on you and the whole team collectively doesn’t pay attention

You are giving me really bad PTSD. Me and two buddys were running a hive on a high difficulty (cant remember which difficulty this was way back beginning of OP 2 but it was with all modifiers if i remember) and we had a World record run time going we had every COG tag down to a science on our random generated loot. The only thing stopping us was one mulcher scion at the heli pad that would not be stunned by flashes. we spent AT LEAST 3 hours doing this run over and over again hoping and praying he would finally get stunned. we had to give up and accept that it was just bugged. Very frustrating putting so much work into it to only be stopped at the damn heli pad


Scion didn’t get stunned, the flash barely touched him from behind and flashes don’t work like Classic smoke grenades did.

And yet they can stun us from behind. And I have stunned enemies while Flashbangs landed behind them.

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I think it went behind him.

I think man what happened its that he was using RAY-BAN sunglasses or pehaps OAKLEY winterglasses the same ones the alpinist uses to climb mount everest. that why the stun granade didn’t work .

I guess they have amazon accounts enabled and they are able to buy such advanced gear.

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