Was River removed from ranked TDM?

I’ve played gears 3 nights in a row and not even seen River appear in the selection, let alone played on it. I get Nexus and Regency every other match, however. Was it removed, or restricted to other game modes? Or am I very unlucky?

Very unlucky.


This. When I was going for the new “Places to Go, Monsters to Kill” achievement, I only ever got Gridlock as a vote option twice the entire time over about a week of play.


Its still there.

Im having the same problem with gridlock, it rarely shows up and when it does, no one votes for it lol. Rip ranked achievement


I know. I remember your post about it. That was a different level though. Seriously Unlucky.


I have been playing Ranked every night since OP5 launched.

I still haven’t seen ‘Clocktower’ map appear yet in the voting screen.
Because of this my Achievement for ‘Places to go and monsters to kill’ is still stuck at 80%.

I mean, just think about it. What is the probability of a map not to occur( Clocktower) for almost more than 14 days straight?

I think the most unluckiest person is currently me on this thread.

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