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Was Reyna the Reincarnation of Niles?

The frequent question of who Myrrah hugged to make Reyna. She hates all humans, except (possibly) Niles, creator of the Locust horde. But the dates ain’t matching up and Myrrah wouldve been really young or possibly not born, even by the time Niles went into mount kadar. Now, I don’t know they created Reyna but let’s look at a comparison.

Distaste for COG, Protective and extremely loving of children (like most parents but still)
Connected to the Locust horde

Hatred of the COG
Extremely protective of his “children” the sires
Connected to the Locust Horde

Now, I’m not saying Reyna is exactly Niles but has his memories, explaining why she knew the swarm was coming eventually and her knowledge and seeming care for the Locust.

Also, Niles dies, Reyan emerges and Now Reyna is dead.

TLDR: Niles/ Myrrah created Reyna and uploaded Niles to her mind in some way, hoping Reyna would become queen and want vengeance for the horde. But Reyna ultimately meet her husband Gabe and saw the good in humanity.

I don’t think she is the reincarnation of Niles, no. If anything, Reyna shows many traits similar to that of her Mother’s. Her bravery, determination and ability to lead and organise.

It’s so far hinted that Niles and Myrrah have a connection, but I have my doubts about a relationship mainly due to how Reyna is. It doesn’t seem right that Niles would be her Father. Myrrah herself was fairly old by Gears 3, which was 17 years after E-Day. Her age is never given so who knows how long she has been around for?

Or perhaps Myrrah was merely with someone common and not of great importance and she simply defected when her time came to be Queen. Who knows? I guess we’ll find out in Gears 5.