Was playing a match

I was playing a match and I get an error stating can not connect to server even though I am in a match of KoTH, then I disconnect back to start screen then game crash. Anyone else have an issue like I had? I know gears 5 is still in its alpha tech phase, however I get into a game play a round, ofc lost and then start of the second round, I get a connection error, get booted from the game and back to main start screen, and once i connect to the Turtorial and Multiplayer choices, in the bottom right hand corner, I have the “Must have an internet connection to play online.” I hit the versus tab and it shows connecting and for 7 minutes straight, connecting and then booted back to start screen, then game crashes and now it will not load when I select it from my games library, should i uninstall and reinstall?

Yes, then sign out and sign in before trying to play again and hopefully that solves it.