Was op6 delayed?

That would be a frickin joke

seems to be an early april fools lol

I think it’s how many hours are left till the start of the new week.

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Be sure to invite me, ill send you some heartwearming messages :rofl:

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If they’re giving us one map that’s an absolute joke :rofl:

I’d hope they’re just not revealing everything cos otherwise what the hell have they been doing for months?

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Oh no! I am having flashbacks to Districts Arcade. I can’t spend 50 or 12 waves inside another arcade room lol.

So not only did we get only one map to start the operation, and not only is that map one of the worst Gears 4 maps (IMO), but they copied and pasted the description of District to describe it.

Guys. :disappointed:


I would like to know the reasoning behind bringing Speyer back, it wasn’t a particularly well liked, or even a well played map.

Especially when there are better maps in Gears 4 already.

My guess-- and this is me just grasping, I dunno-- is that they thought it would be refreshed by the new style of Horde.

It was a boring Horde map in Gears 4 because you just line up at one of the two ends and build twenty sentry turrets. With the tap system in place and less of an emphasis on engineers, maybe they thought it would get new PvE life.

Still not a great PvP map. It’s fine but… “fine” doesn’t get me hyped for a new operation.

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The days/hours left is for the week. It resets every week.

This week is the last for OP5.

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Because it said 10hours left and the switched to a week (like I said in the original post…) but someone else replied saying that the count down refers to each week ending & not the actual operation. Just a misunderstanding. Thanks to whoever clarified that btw :slight_smile: