Was op6 delayed?

So the count down said 10 hours left of the operation. Now it says a week. Was op6 pushed back by a week? I’m ready for something new, these long as hell operations are killing be lol

I wouldnt be surprised if it is going to be delayed another week, we should be getting a TWIG today since it was delayed yesterday.

Kilo said it’s still on track for next Tuesday? Is it

Would like a definite answer so I can have a day off work to see what’s new

It was week 14 of 15, now it’s week 15 of 15…I don’t understand why that’s translating as delayed OP to so many. The 15th week counts.


Im aware of that, im mainly pointing towards what the holdup is about TWIG. I usually check it on Monday but radio silence, except for that ¨gears 2¨ remaster everybody thought lol. idk why that was assumed by many.

No, it shouldn’t have said 10 hours left. It may have said 10 hours left for that particular week (and yesterday would have been the last day of week 14, out of 15 weeks), but Operation 6 was always scheduled to launch next Tuesday.

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My response was to the original post. Not yours.

gotcha, thanks :slight_smile:

All I can think of is there isn’t a Tuesday store update this week, could at least tell us that though

I just read the Op 6 reveal, its not that insane but hey im happy for Hoffman coming back. game felt missing without him. I agree though, Im guessing thats why the featured was extended another week.

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The description of Speyer looks wrong though. A cinema, arcade and a juice bar? Sounds like District to me.

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im really hoping they arent gonna bring back the alternate maps, really lazy imo. im assuming its district 2.

oh nevermind, its the map from gears 4, i like that map but disappointed its not a new map.

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Yeah, description doesn’t match at all.

Speyer is from GOW4 it’s the one with the wide central road; some buildings on one side and the church and church yards on the other. I’m just saying that the description doesn’t seem to match it. Speyer has none of those things I mentioned (Arcade, cinema, juice bar) whereas District does.

the old description was involving speyer being a school before the locust war

Even with two drops and shorter operations please don’t tell me we are getting one map next week!

I will say the Queen looks sic

i hate to break it to you dude, but im pretty positive its one map :confused:

Shorter op, I might go for the ranked win every week of an operation achievement. Team mates are going to love my 200+ ping :rofl: