Was I wrong to kick them in horde in the last wave?

I was playing in Vasgar today with randoms, apart from Jack which was my cousin, I was helping him to master vasgar. The team was: cog gear, Kait, JD, Jack and I was playing as Baird.

Everything was looking good. Players were working as a team, players deposit to help me so I build fortifications, players were helping Jack to drop weapons near the forge. Everything was going as perfectly as I thought it would be. And the team was really good. Kait and JD were good randoms. In additional, everyone in the team were higher than re-up 18 so they were experienced.

However, on wave 11 I told everyone to deposit the power so I could build more fortifications or ask other players to build fortifications for me. But for some reason cog gear, Kait and JD completely ignored me even though I know they were using the chat in the early waves so I’m thinking they deliberately not depositing. Instead, as the waves progressed they were upgrading perks. Bare in mind I builded 4 weapons locker that were level 4, 2 barriers that was level 1 and forge was max level and this was before wave 11. So technically speaking I had little fortifications to protect the base.

So I thought if they not gonna deposit, fair enough. At least build me barriers. On chat I said “cog gear and JD five barriers between you both please” because that would’ve help me. But Cog gear end up saying “why?” And Kait said “that’s your job.” After that I thought I’m not gonna ask them anything else. I build what I could build to protect the base. At wave 20, I thought there was no point of me leaving the game, Although, I was attempting, so I decided to stay and see how far we can get. Honestly, if it wasn’t for my cousin in the game I would’ve left at wave 11.

It was wave 30 where I flipped. My cousin send me a screenshot from cog gear saying that “don’t deposit, upgrade your perks.” Little they know that I was playing with Jack. And when it came wave 50, last 2 were alive, I decided to kick out cog gear. But I realised cog gear, JD and Kait were playing together as they went out of the game to.

You’re the host, so you’re word is law as far as I’m concerned. A bit cruel? Maybe, but then again I’ve done worse things… :stuck_out_tongue:


How do you think I felt as engineer when I asked them to deposit at wave 11? :sweat_smile:

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It wouldn’t have been so bad if you kicked them earlier. But you led them on until the end. :smiley:



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Ehhh mixed feelings. You asked them and they said no. Ok I get it. Two enemies left on wave 50 and kicking them well that’s iffy. They didn’t bad mouth you or move whatever you built. You still managed to get through 50 waves without them depositing after wave 20 so I’m 50/50.


Yeah there was bad mouth. Only if I could expose them in this forum

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Ahhh well alright then. You have been mostly justified

What if they needed Vasgar for Seriously? They helped to 50 and Vasgar is one of those maps that can fail somewhat easily. I can’t tell if they were purposefully annoying you or just had a different way of playing. I even spend on perks too. If they were the one doing Engineer, they may not mind not getting power from team mates. 41-50 is the waves that give the most XP and you’ve pretty much denied them the most XP per wave being 50 and they would have missed out of earning a 10th card, and we know how RNG can be terrible sometimes and need as many cards possible. Plus just wasted 2-3 hours of their time if was looking for Seriously. When you kicked the COG Gear, did you mean the JD and Kait got kicked out as well or they also left Wave 50? They could have been giving Jack some good advice, especially if they were new.

I definitely didn’t kicked out Kait or JD. As I said, I only kicked out Cog gear. I didn’t know what happen to them. I can guess. Maybe one of them left? Maybe two of them were playing co-op. One way or the other I would’ve kicked them out anyway. Especially the way they carrying on

I don’t mind if they were upgrading perks. But after wave 11 they didn’t deposit, not even 1 power.

When did they finish maxing their perks? Before Op 3, it would’ve been around Wave 40~. After Op 3 with perks costing half, it would be finished around Wave 30~. Were they stockpiling / hoarding power and not depositing? I would usually spend perks after getting enough levelled Locker to Wave 10, then deposit the rest after perks finished.

I don’t know. But the power they had in wave 40 this includes JD, Kait, and cog gear combined was easily more than 200,000 or more

Then it seemed like they were annoying you on purpose. They had it coming.


Yeah, thinking about it, I agree. I mean, the OP did give them up to wave 50 to deposit and they didn’t, so on their heads be it.

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Given all I’ve read before, I’m inclined to agree that you were right in kicking them. Those guys didn’t deserve to complete all 50 waves when behaving that way.

I would not call it worth it if you didn’t manage to complete that last wave though.

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Buying perks is one thing but the base is more important. Plus on master is the health perk really worth it? So you take 3 claw shots instead of 2.

If you join someones lobby their word is law.

I know it’s worth it when playing Marcus and Kait, to make them tankier. Maybe Jack too to tank a stray bullet during cloak. But usually, the perks barely make a difference on Jack’s. The COG Gear does have three damage reduction cards so the HP perk would help.

It barely ever seems to make a difference for me when I play Kait. I still rarely take more than 2 Claw hits and the bull aimbots still down me if I react as soon as I get shot and try to duck back into cover or roll to get somewhere they can’t shoot.

I won’t have kicked them on wave 50 because I value the completion more. After that, I would have blocked them.

Also, if they weren’t depositing early in the game I would have kicked, blocked, and started a new lobby. There’s no way I would have let it go on for as long as you had.

As an Engineer I’m always observing who is depositing and I’ve yet to come across players who are upgrading perks early. I’ll consider myself lucky.

So how long ago did this happen?
Because I remember a similar conversation, but on dam in horde.

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