Was Horde nerfed, silently?

I like playing Fahz on beginner. He ends boss waves as soon as they start.

I havent played Fahz in a while, but hopped in a Masters run on Reclaimed. With an active reload with the ultimate triggered, was popping Wardens head with 1 shot. Didnt know that was possible

The most common problem with locking players into a a specific play style for me has been the lack of engineers in matches . I have all three at lv 12+
I love the class but I want to lv up some other characters -Mac and lahni every match I make on custom gets flooded with a full assault team and everyone is out for themselves this is on elite and below because most ppl at higher difficulties know the importance of a good engineer.

JD absotlutey needs nerfs dude. The amount of damage he can do compared to everybody else in the game is absurd and miles better then everybody else. Just take away his bleed and he will be balanced.

No as somebody who plays lot’s of Mac he does not need more bleed. The solution is to take JD’s bleed away so he doesn’t just completely crap on everything in the game. If you buff all the other characters to JD level the game is gonna be a complete cakewalk at the highest difficulty.

The damage output while using Fahz’s ultimate ability is very variable. I don’t fully understand it myself, but it seems the more layers you shoot through (walls and other obstacles), the more damage it does. I don’t know how it’s calculated either.

No, take away the GL. Take it out of the game. Remove the weapon, remove its card, and replace boom specific cards with explosive specific, so JD can use drop and torque just as well, and the problem goes away.

I don’t have a problem with explosive weapons, it’s the bleed and the way it works that’s the problem. The bleed just need to go and be replaced with something new. Keep the Gl in the game, just don’t give JD explosive bleed.

I played lots of Mac too. Wasn’t impressed with his changes in the last update and would’ve appreciated more Boltok Bleed (100% Bleed as it used to be months ago before they nerfed him). Or reduce its damage drop off. Always thought it was too severe for a precision weapon.

I didnt have a problem with the GL until last night…

I played insane on all fathers… We had an extremely annoying jd who kept spraying the GLs all game across the whole map… Non stop…
Funny thing, he wasnt killing much… We were making fun of him in text chat… But it made it soooo annoying and difficult trying to shoot anything, constant explosions everywhere…

Got me thinking…

GL is a special custom weapon for ONE character… A character everyone agrees is already far more powerful than others… And the GL is what allows that character to be annoying to the reat of the team…

Take it out. JD will still be a good character, especially if they make his other perks apply to all explosive weapons… No more carpet bombing… And dropshot takes more skill to use than the GL, so tc can have its "more skillful game, " lol…

So thats my thinking now.

I am not bothered by the bleed at all, we need bleed as extra damage since the weapons are so weak now, relative to enemy health, on higher levels.

Play master level without him before making a comment like that.

Edit: I’ll add you said he barely killed anything but the explosions messed you up.

How? How does an explosive from the GL mess you up but you bless the salvo? Makes zero sense.

If the GL was gone tomorrow (TC’s baby won’t disappear), the salvo spam would be unreal.

I take it you were watching the scoreboard.

Maybe think about what completing horde means. If you don’t like the way 50 waves were run, create a custom lobby with your specifications.

I thought he was alway good even before the slight buffs. His bleed is fine the way it is, you don’t have to use it. Mac is fine

The problem is at least 1 person in the game needs to or should have the GL and at the moment it’s JD. You have to keep his GL as he has multiple things for it. Just get rid of the bleed on his Gl and he is completely fine and probably balanced instead of just being broken. Also I defiantly agree the dropshot takes a lot of skill to use properly, I’ve been playing the game a lot and it’s the one weapon I suck with. I much prefer the torque bow and it’s so fun to use. Also I think buffing the dropshot to 6 rounds would be a great change for all characters cause 4 shots is nothing.

Just telling people to create custom lobbies is not the solution. The game just needs to be balanced better and the first step is balancing JD out. I think everybody else in the game is in a good spot, the only other thing that I find kinda silly is that lizzy can freeze boss’s when they get low but I can deal with that.

It is an interim solution. Although it may or may not draw matches out, I tend to prefer playing without a JD due to the bore matches turn into in the presence of a GL spammer, or JD who decided to take it all upon himself to wipe the Horde out rather than leaving everyone to do work.


I disagree there, the enemy balancing has to come first imo, or alongside character balance. If you just throw JD under the bus(figuratively speaking, of course), but leave the bullet sponge insta down enemies as they are now, I feel it will just drive more people away from Horde rather than encourage more variety in playstyles and in the “meta”. Feel free to disagree but I think a large reason why JD is so popular is because of how absurdly ridiculous and unbalanced the enemy power level is compared to that of the players, particularly in the health and accuracy aspect. They also should be toned down imo, maybe just compensate with numbers over throwing a few bullet sponges that instantly down anything that dares to shoot back at them even with blind fire. That’s just lazy difficulty.

And if JDs power level was reduced in that scenario, it could perhaps still be called a nerf, but if it just resulted in him remaining the same in regards to enemy obliteration while making everyone else more viable because the enemies aren’t nearly as ridiculous any longer, I don’t see how anyone loses out.

But to me, the issue doesn’t lie within the character balancing in and on itself, but the issues brought on by overinflated health, damage and accuracy numbers for the enemies. They render most characters redundant or nearly the same as the majority of players uses Tri-Shots to have more of a contribution than cleaning up scraps left behind by the main damage dealers, and occasionally playing medic.

But at the same time, they also somewhat require to have extreme damage potential if you don’t also want to spend excessive amount of ammo and time shooting up the bullet sponges, which results in a situation where you have Kait and JD as the most prominent and relied upon characters with some fillers being preferred over most other characters(Keegan, Lizzie, Fahz, Marcus, name any I forgot), and if you rebalance one of the two, you’re either stuck with everyone feeling as if their damage potential is quite simply underwhelming and forces more reliance on the engineer to provide fortification/sentry support, or the enemies are weaker but the extreme top end of the power level still exists and has even less problems wrecking everything(which I sometimes fail to see a problem with, but that’s not the point… although trivializing everything eventually gets boring as Gears 4 Horde showed me towards the end of its lifecycle where not even Inconceivable was that difficult to beat, albeit still more fun to play than Gears 5 because you could do Dropshot carnage and had other fun stuff to play with like proper Explosive Headshots and Magic Bullet, instead of mainly Tri-Shot spamming).


We did… Did master on forge with kait, lizzy, cog, del, and jack (me).

Was tough, but we finished.

So… What was your point, agsin?

Forge is one of the easiest maps for master level.

Anyhow, you said you played insane with a terrible JD but it ruined the game for you. You couldn’t shoot or something due to all the explosions.

I ask again, what would be the difference with salvos?

Adult answers this time please.

You know is a waste of time post our complaints and thoughts because TC and some fans try to convince us all is fine.

What about Ruins area? Ive been using it for solo runs. A few choke points and plenty of cover.

Take away his bleed and he’s done.