Was Horde nerfed, silently?

By that logic they should make a lancer one shot kill in horde…

No. JD got the nerf he deserved.


Meanwhile in the not so far future: “Oh no! That Character from that Game got JDed!” :upside_down_face:

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Thank you for the tip, i shall have a look see one day.
As for the Decoy thing, i never thought of the Tap as a Decoy. That is genius. But, got to admit, i play as an Engineer 90% of the time, so i rarely venture out of the Base, except if i see a Markza, or a Longshot, gotta havit :slight_smile:
Speaking of Taps, i do see alot of the Heavies, or Offensives hovering round these if they are close enough, defending, or hording it. Other than that, i personally ignore them. Mostly because Taps and the Forge, and in some small way Jack just do not belong in Horde. Jack, needs a new Role in Gears.

Ok, so they nerfed artillery, they ‘nerfed’ his GL, they nerfed the trishots, ok, those were the 3 main elements for running on top diff levels…

Fair enough…

What did they buff, to make up for it, to make OTHER characters more viable??

I recently started to play Master games…

LIzzy (my favourite character), on master… takes almost the whole silverback (trishot + mulcher) to kill ONE guardian… Sometimes not even, since it hides from you and regenerates…

Cog, one of my other fave characters… Takes almost a whole trishot to kill a single scion…

What are we supposed to do/use on that level??

JD’s artillery does NOT " annihilate and nuke the entire map every second" at those levels… That’s pure BS…

And you people complained about what you saw on beginner and now they killed its usefulness on higher levels, without offering anything to compensate it…

This is soooooooooooooooooo TC… People have been complaining about the lack of viable options, how some weapons/characters are “OP”, so THEIR answer? Let’s nerf THOSE characters/weapons, not actually make others fun to use…

JD’s a GL-Hero, Kait is an Overkill-Hero, and everyone else? A trishot-Hero… Yes, that’s awesome…


They updated the enemy AI of the swarm drones a little bit imo, and not for the better. I was working on a headshot challenge with the torque now and noticed that once the reticule got close to the drone’s head it immediately alters its movement. It’s not bastion levels of cheap movement nor is it as bad as the dancing that the Scions like to do but it’s not good at all.

I miss the boomers from Gears 2. Nice and slow.

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They had great voice lines too.

I miss the Hunger guys

“BOM!” (yes that’s not a typo)



grunting noises

Yeah Gears 2 campaign and horde had a lot of love poured into them.

Don’t forget the drawn out and deep “Charge!”.

The JD updates have not changed a thing, is what I’m observing on Master. He is still in a league of his own, totally dominant if he wishes to be.
I’d like to see some more strength given to the bottom tier characters - if only to help convince the majority of their viability and encourage more varied squad choices. More Boltok Bleed for Mac would be sweet.

Well I’m not sure if these were only added in 3, but:
“For Queen.”
“Sky fire!”
“Die, hominid.”

They beat scions and their odd speech impediment. “Fire-wing”.

I agree completely… But I don’t think that was TC’s intention…

In the old Horde, it was all level - every player had the same ‘powers’, you grabbed weapons, jumped on a turret, etc, and just killed crap…

I think they wanted a “deeper”, “more tactical”, “more skilful” Horde, and designed characters around team play interactions, where each characters help each other become more useful as a team.

They DID do that, and it does work… For example, putting Keegan into the mix, with his ability to help others re-set their ultimates much faster works greats… Having COG provide stim to team mates, and use team revive and let players fix their health by killing marked targets works great…

The problem here??? No one wants to play the support guy!!! Yes, their setup isn’t bad, and the characters kinda work well together, BUT you need people to want to play all those characters… And if you tell me that my job, as Keegan, is you are just constantly be marking people for OTHERS to kill, how much fun is that for me? yes, it works great for the team, and for the characters whose role is offensive… but not for me…

So yes, I see what they wanted to do, and I think they managed it fairly well, but they completely created something where most of the characters’ play style and importance is not what people actually want to do.

That’s why so much complaining about lack of killing ability outside of JD and Kait (and to a lesser extend now Fazh and Lizzy)… People just want to fight, and kill, and blow $%#$ up - they don’t want to help OTHERS to kill and blow $%^% up… :slight_smile:

In TC’s design, their grand vision, you only need 2-3 killing characters, and everyone else supports those killing characters… but everyone wants to be doing the killing, and everyone wants others to support him/her…


Letting my marked enemies killed by others when I am with COG soldier!? No freaking way!!! :grinning:

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Either they went boom or you did. Very straight forward.

True to an extent. I think this is very much the case for public matchmaking. You don’t know who your team mates are, what their skills are and often no one uses mics so there’s little communication.

I always play in private, primarily with friends and very occasionally using the private lobbies page. The social dynamics are distinctly different with friends and most people are willing to be flexible with friends. It may be because one partial friend wants to level up or get more cards with a particular character so therefore you accommodate that.

Also you trust friends based on what you know of their skill and knowledge and can adapt to compensate for any weaknesses. With public matchmaking people may be inclined too choose the heavy hitters purely from the mindset of “I don’t trust someone else to do too his right”.

It’s indicative that some characters like Kait and JD are a fair bit more powerful than others. People often think that if a weaker player plays as Kait or JD and turns out to be a liability then the whole team will suffer as a result. It’s a pity. Fahz has improved, but for Master I still think he’s a little bit short. I think the key thing is he lacks Magic Bullet - this was brilliant as he got rewarded for consecutive headshots.

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Wow Pepper, I’m surprised you think Fahz is still lacking. His power is only bottlenecked by the user’s skill. Even with my feeble aim, I can totally hold my own. X-Ray one-shotting streaks of Elite Drones, Scions, DR-1s at any wave? Absolutely insane.

It’s purely for Master difficulty. I just don’t think the Ambush card was a great idea because you can suddenly lose up to 130% extra critical hit damage if a team mate happens to cause a tiny bit of damage to an enemy and it’s very much out of your control. I’d have preferred if Ambush was replaced with Magic Bullet. It’d be better if the player had control over this extra damage buff, whereas Ambush doesn’t entirely in my opinion.

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Yes and I was talking about Master also. You know me, I don’t play any other settings. I was able to get such streaks with the help of Critical Parade and Longshot Handling but I’m still not sure where all that extra damage was coming from allowing me to one-shot the big boys. Is it the Active Reload effect stacking with itself? Is it a bonus from shooting through walls? Both? I don’t know how it all works with Fahz but I have felt some of his power that’s for sure.

Yes I understand where you’re coming from about the Ambush card. Perhaps I’ve not played Fahz enough to see that being a real problem.