Was Horde nerfed, silently?

Two things in particular: it feels like JD’s artillery isn’t quite as potent as it once was against bosses, and the trishot feels like it takes less time to overheat and/or takes longer to cool down…

Anyone else got any similar vibes?


yes man @Omen_LP JD’s Ultimate and Artillery was reduced in power, exactly right… a good way to make the game less entertaining hahahahahaa :smile:

but yes you got it right man . I feel the same vibe accross the board.

Thankfully. It wasBoring as heck watching JD annihilate and nuke the entire map every second while everyone else watches. No challenge.


Haven’t noticed any issues with the Tri-Shot other than that Lizzie’s Silverback occasionally would suffer from a bug making the cooldown take an excessive amount of time on the Mulcher/Tri-Shot since Op 3 launched, don’t know if that’s fixed by now. Never seen it mentioned on any patch notes.

As for JDs ult, I don’t know about it. I’ve only used him to get some Horde medals by taking down bosses and it seemed fine to me. It does have a significant difference in damage based on whether you use it while you have or don’t have an active reload, you’re sure it’s not just that?

They buffed the a.i. like they did with co op vs. Ai. Even on Beginner, horde enemies are some major ■■■■■■ now and gun you down easily. I noticed while farming and earning tour medals. They are also too aggressive. They rush in too aggressively like they do when there are only five enemies left, but they do it the entire wave. Teammate bots on the other hand are still dumb as planks and will stand there and get ripped in half by the carriers and taken by snatchers. They also won’t attack certain bosses regardless of if you mark them or not.

And they won’t revive you at all if one of them gets downed. They’ll be right next to you, another teambot will be on the other side of the map nextto enemy spawn, get downed by a boom shot and suddenly all three of the others will run towards the downed bot like its their newborn brotheer.

Yet they’ll just let you crawl around bleeding out before you get executed. They pretty much ignore you if a sire grabs you as well. But of course if a teambot gets a sire reach around, noooooo they’ll all converge on the sire and beat it to death asap.


What’s most annoying is that the already ridiculous Hammerburst and Claw Drones will exhibit completely artificial behavior that any living being would consider suicidal or stupid, as in walking around and behind you while constantly hip firing their weapon and hitting every single shot with no loss of accuracy, which is even more stupid than the usual stupidity and ridiculousness exhibited by those enemies.

They almost completely ignore every cover until they’re on your side or behind you while their stupid aimbots are locked on for complete accuracy while they casually stroll around like idiots with no consequences. If the aim of that was to make them even more annoying and make it abundantly clear you’re fighting an artificial intelligent, then I guess that goal was accomplished.

And no other enemy does this. It’s only the most annoying ones. Neither Hunters, Grenadiers nor Snipers will run around you while hipfiring their weapon on the move. While they will occasionally come running towards you(Snipers and Hunters, if they have no targets to shoot at for the most part), they will often only shoot from cover or while standing still, or aiming while walking, not pulling 100% ridiculous and artificial hip fire walking around with no loss of accuracy while making it harder to hit them like the Hammerburst and Claw Drones often do now, as if they weren’t already ridiculous enough.

Or they’ll still sit in your line of fire or run across open ground and get you downed because in their idiocy they walk close to you while a Boomshot Scion or Salvo DR-1 is firing and get you downed when you should have been fine in cover, and then proceed to ignore that you’re down on the ground because of them.


There’s been a change in the way certain bosses die/register bleed damage. The Swarmak now requires all of the pimples to be burst to die, so Lancer GL rockets and Artillery Strikes will only do so much.

And the Matriarch cannot bleed to death. Bleed will take it down to a sliver of health, but someone needs to give it a little tap on its weak spot to finish it.


Not that I’ve noticed. In the past couple days I’ve done 50 on master and 50 on insane. They seem the same to me.

Or you can just throw a Torque Bow, Dropshot or GL on or near it, that should also do the job.

Though I’m not seeing the point in that change to the Matriarch. It’s like, the damn thing is already practically dead, why make us bother with it potentially regenerating it when it only has so little health left?

And I don’t get the Swarmak thing, it’s already painful enough to deal with it when every single enemy puts you down pretty much instantly which prevents players from leaving the base outside of a cloak(or if they’re not in a Silverback) until everything or nearly everything but the Swarmak is dead, while that does not extend to the enemies and the boss can freely waltz into the base and wreck everything while you can do very little about it. I get putting some importance on destroying its blisters, but the ones on the back are practically impossible to reach in the middle of a wave, if the Swarmak AI decided it’d not stop to shoot rockets and instead move into your base to wreck it so the Sentries and whatever else there was can’t help to clean the smaller enemies up. At least allowing some damage to be dealt on a body shot not hitting crystals would help bring it down if the front ones are destroyed so you don’t get a very low health Swarmak deciding to ruin your day when no mistakes were committed by the team. It’s not like we can now slap a few Dropshots on it and call it a job done…

Definitely made a change.

Doesn’t completely bleed out now. Even on beginner.

So from what I’ve gathered from reading this, nothing changed since Op 3.


Well the only fact is that is more hard to find matches and they making the game less entertaining. I’m only playing to get the rest of achievements for a personal goal to finish the latest Gears games but it will be the last, I don’t care Gears tactics or Gears 6 or whatever, at least if is developed by TC.

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At least if TC want to nerf horde, do something about your servers.

I know that there are more players playing, but I have a new enemy to fear: Disconnection.

The last week, I tried to play horde from Monday to Friday (I don’t have a group to play and I don’t play on weekends). So first I need to find a good team (95% of the time there are good players), after that I need to finish 2 maps on master (Pahanu and Harbor). On Harbor I have to be lucky for not encounter Kestrel, Pahanu I need a good engineer who knows what to do.

Well, every day I face from 1 to 3 server error and my team dissolved on the main menu. We were on wave 32 on Pahanu, the match was great but suddendly I couldn’t pick up weapons for smelt, and that is when you know that you effort goes to the trash (and I didn’t get good skill cards too).

Talking about horde, I don’t play as engineer because I don’t have one at level 18, but every engineer never builds a decoy.

Decoys saved my life sooooo many times on Gears 4 and 5. I don’t understand why they didn’t build one. Was nerfed too for this operation and I didn’t know?

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I tried Panahu for the first time a couple of weeks ago, because it was my first time, i had no idea where best to build, once built, i found i had too many Barriers and thus overworked.

With a good team, you do not need any Decoys. I never build them because once they are built, people rely on them too much. This is not how Gears is meant to be played. Also, they are costly if the enemy are throwing explosives at them all the time. Boomers love them. I would very much prefer to repair barriers over Decoys, in short they are expensive and waste time when you have to run backwards and forwards to repair.

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I set up in the spawn area. It definitely takes a few more barriers compared to some other maps as Pahanu is wider, but I tended to layer each path with say, two level 2 barriers and a level 4 one as a last resort. From memory you will need 5 sets in total. The uneven ground is a bit problematic as you need to angle them certain ways otherwise you can’t place them.

Broadly speaking, yes. At most my group of friends may use a Decoy on boss waves, but aside from that as you mention, they take alot of work and time to maintain and I personally don’t find them that useful. If there’s a nearby Energy Tap, we just capture that and that can act as an impoverised decoy.

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I do not understand why they gave him nerf, if it is a horde, also his damage is compensated at high levels and is understandable

Also the Matriarch does not rush towards you anymore. She has definitely been taken down a couple of steps when it comes to difficulty.

I found that it depends on the map. I presume it’s got something to do with the AI pathfinding and the layout of maps. Like on Pahanu it seems to get stuck walking into trees and things like that so takes ages to get to you, but on other maps like Asylum it comes at you fairly quickly.


Yes, but before she would rush against you after throwing her…“stuff” against you. This has stopped it seems, she just keeps walking around and occasionally make a jump. I’ve not seen her rush since OP3.

Agreed. JD was ridiculous. Couldn’t play with him on the team

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