Was great at gears 4 but terrible at gears 5

I mean, there is no skill gap in the game. Its just a bunch of stupid noobs. I should get to at least D3 no problem

They really should make an entire separate rank for me. Someone along the lines of “Godlike Dave Masters Rank”

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Oh yeah,

I mean,

All you do is point and shoot!

Ez Pz.

TBE Clown Master Ultra Rank

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Same too, I was onyx in Gears 4 and now Silver 1 :joy:

Nevertheless, I remember that the first time I played Escalation in Gears 4 I was ranked bronze 2.

I just have to get better.

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Eh, I think there is something wrong with the ranking system right now. Most people seem to be stuck in Silver. Not sure why

@TC_Octus please make

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