Was great at gears 4 but terrible at gears 5

I don’t understand I can usually go around 15-5 in every game in gears 4 in team death match and in gears 5 I’m going opposite 5-15. I don’t know if it’s the slower gameplay or what but I just can’t get good. Maybe I just suck.

The damage is way higher so if you aren’t camping you’re just gonna die


Ya I do notice I get downed in like 2 seconds from any weapon across the map and you have no time to even get into cover.

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Switch to escalation before they make patches to the rest of rank. Escalation has less lancer damage and more unforgiving gnasher damage I believe.

But then you have to play ■■■■■■ escalation with its 2 minute downtown between rounds

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I know dude. You’re preaching to the choir. I’m done with taking ranked seriously until they make changes.

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The balance is basically non existent and everything is far overpowered. That’s why.

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u guys are just bad everything is fine. You have the “overpowered weapons” too so how can something be overpowered if u can use it too? get better.

How is everything “fine” when there are multiple complaints about the same issues?

maybe because all the people complaining cant hit shots and rage because other people can

YEAH that’s it.

Doesn’t sound like that’s the problem to me.
Alot of weapons feel more powerful
Movement feels slow and chunky
Why is aim assist a thing on this game?

And have you seen the video someone posted about the hit boxes?

People are not complaining about not hitting shots… Because the hit boxes are bad enough (Here’s that video: https://youtu.be/T0TIl21KVZM)

They are complaining about the big changes in the feeling of the game which has taken out alot of the skill people used and enjoyed the most. Now it’s a game about holding onto a peice of cover and waiting for the enemy to push first… Because whoever pushes first doesn’t stand much of a chance no more…


Because in gears 5 lancer and gnasher shoot nuclear bomb exsplosibe ordinance rounds. Everyone gets a kill this way. Fun right? WOO love me some gears 5.

I get a kill, you get a kill. Everyone gets a kill. And a confetti of eliminations!

U just gotta get comfortable, as a person who only played competitive in gears 4, this is a big difference. U gotta change ur playstyle a lil bit, and get a feel for it. Learn to adapt and you’ll be fine.

You’re not the only one…lol
The game is different to gears 4 it will take a while to get used to

It’s different to Gears 4 and it must be, otherwise we only would have new maps.

It’s not bad to have eliminations. In Gears 4, I only used to play escalation and most of times got my kills stolen. Eliminations bring some kind of justice to a team work killing.

70% Onyx 3 in Gears 4…Silver 1 in Gears 5…

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Absolute Legend :ok_hand:

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Broken ranking system Envii. I deserve that Master rank. Move over S1L3NT

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Backwards Progression is still Progression :wink:

And facts,

You should at least in the solitary:

Super Masters Rank


You know you deserve it and that’s all that matters!

Never mind it being a different game!

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