Warhammer 40k and Other Badass CGI

Earlier I talked with @Nineteenth_Hour about badass CGI trailers and such when discussing the probability of Gears movie.

We brought up and talked about the KOTOR trailers which are amazing. So I thought I’d introduce you all to Astartes, a One-Man fan film that is 100% CGI and based off of the Warhammer series (Where them Orcs come from).

Here’s a link to all 5 Episodes to Astartes. And I will be further linking other awesome CGI creations such as the KOTOR trailers and others.

If you have any favorites, please share with me and/or us, I love the craft of short-films and these types of things --even as trailers, are often beautiful if done right.
Plus—Gears has some dope CGI trailers too.

(This isn’t CGI but pretty cool nonetheless)

Enjoy and Share!

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Total War: Warhammer - Norsca Faction

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