Wardens and Flashbangs hotfix

So when did they “fix” flashes working on shielded Wardens? I thought my throws were off in the last few days but they legitimately ignore it now and just waltz right through it.

@TC_MichaelAOS any word on this?

Been a problem for some time, with that not working, last I remember.

You don’t need to blind the Warden!
The Warden is blind… with FURY TO DESTROY YOU!!!444 :angry::angry::angry:

I have some issues with concussive explosives as Gunner and trying to stun a Mulcher Scion.

Sometimes, even when the grenade is near, Scion doesn’t stun. It’s uncommon but annoying

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Btw, can u flashband any bastion shield enemy?

Technically, you should be able to. But as with other dodgy flash registration, it doesn’t work all the time even when it lands under their feet.

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It would appear as though level 1 barriers laid out lengthwise can block flashes from stunning things, too.
People may already be aware of this, but it was news to me.

The what now? That’s certainly news to me. But in most cases where stun didn’t work there were no barriers involved.

I was on Ephyra and we were holed up in the center (it may also have something to do with those stairs they seem a bit clippy), I threw out a flashbang to stun the scion and drones pushing through the barriers and I suppose the way the barriers were arranged the post blocked the flash and I got mowed down immediately after thinking they’d be stunned.

I’d blame them. Melee is also very janky on stairs or any height-difference for that matter.

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It’s one of those “features” that really get me every time. How shielded DR1s and scions can get flashed but not wardens and drone enemies is beyond me lol. It gets really annoying when youre trying to do onslaught no speedrun since bastion shields are sometimes invisible and the bastions themselves are so far away from them.

Are you close enough to the Scion for Concussive Explosives card to work?
Doesn’t matter if grenade or any other explosive lands next or on top of a Scion. If you are not close enough, it’s not going to work.


Last night after you left Beetle and I played on Ice Queen. In the second act shielded elite grenadier “ ate” my flash twice in a row.
Each time the flash landed at the feet…
I was so annoyed by that.

Yeah, had that a few times when I played IQ last time as well. But there’s something off with flashbangs in general at the moment.

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I didn’t know about that, but yes,I was close to the Scion when I threw the grenade (I have the card at lvl 5).

That explains a lot of my failed attempts on Last Stand before leveling up that card. I thought that I was the problem throwing grenades far away and just hitting nothing.

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Be careful we are now not allowed to tag staff here… Right, @Looopeeeeeee ?

Because if we cant tag them they can pretend they have no knowlwdge of any game problems…

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I haven’t noticed that yet, beyond the part where Flashs never were surefire and acted weird.
Dying to a Grenadier because a flash didn’t work was always fun.

I had an instance in Horde where the enemy closest to the flashbang DIDN’T get stunned despite it going off right behind it, but an enemy which was more than 5 metres distance away to the right (and was behind a low wall) DID. :neutral_face: