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War Journal in Gears 5

(xFribbo) #1

Recently, I have been playing Gears 3 every so often, trying to get achievements I haven’t got yet and I was really studying the stats/awards page as I haven’t gone through it properly in a few years.

The war journal in Gears 4 is decent but no where near as good as 3’s. It was easier to track your progress in challenges where you needed to complete a map for example or it shows you how many kills you need to unlock an execution with a certain weapon.

It was stress free and we didn’t have to be unsure about anything as it was all tracked, I only recently finished getting my Seriously 4.0, the only thing that was stopping was that I didn’t know what maps were left for me to unlock “I’ve Killed Things, Seen Places”, what I’m getting at is that if the War Journal was as clear as the one in Gears 3 and tracked progress, it could be an improvement made for Gears 5.

What does everyone else think?

(Aziz XXCOOLXX) #2

A good War Journal in Gears 5 is needed, Hell if they made the one in Gears 5 better than Gears 3’s I would be surprised


Yes. War Journal from 3 was great. A checklist in it would be nice too to let us know which maps where completed and whatnot. Might have been another ploy not having a check list for the Horde maps to keep us playing the game longer and guessing which maps we needed.

(xFribbo) #4

There’s many things, if it is similar I’d hope that they allow characters challenges to be automatic and through the War Journal then or at least claimable if added after launch.

Would be sick if they added the rank stats page where you could check your % in-game also.

(mike yaworski) #5

You thought 3’s was good? Man Gears 2 had a ridiculously detailed War Journal on the web. It was available until a few years ago. They never answer why it was taken down btw

(x00FireWolf00x) #6

Definitely found the gears 4 war journal lacking, the only time i went into the journal was for re-ups, would be nice to see more things tracked for achievements.

(Milan89SD) #7

Must bring it back… Best thing in gears…