Want to join a hord team to re up 10

Im wanting to play horde with people who will complete wave 50 trying get re up 10 for challenge and achievements. I have lvl 10 soldier with lvl 5 active reload, lvl 4 Capacity, Lvl 5 grenade plant, level 5 cover boost and lvl 2 grenade capacity. I also have level 10 sniper with lvl 6 head shot dmg, lvl 5 capacity,
lvl 5 mark boost, lvl 6 pre rifle dmg, lvl 3 exploding head shot and lvl 4 sniper strike


The fastest way to learn, rank level up and skills level up and get to a 10 re up is speed-runs by far. No to mention the achievements.

check the post and just be up front on they levels and cards. they will help you and place you in roll to help you.

Stay away from Engi and scout until you get to some cards.


most welcome good luck.

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