Want to combine tac-coms and the emote function into 1 button

You don’t need to look at anything really to use an emote. And its a very quick action. Combining the “use emote:” action with Tac-coms wouldn’t affect tac-coms functionality at all. Just dont press the d-pad. . It really wouldn’t affect emoteing either. Plus, I really never emote during a match(or at least an important time in the match). But combining emote frees up the right stick push, which I would love to be able to move melee too. Then, give me the option to put roll on the B button all by itself, …or put the chainsaw on B. Thoughts?

I don’t understand how this would at all be helpful but on pc there’s a number of ways to do this via macros. Just make sure it’s not going to be flagged as a cheat. Some people (who shall remain nameless) abuse macros.

@Me0wMix_CatFood its helpful, in my opinion…as it allows me to simply ,and without changing the entire controller scheme, get roll off of evade…so that…like pc…no more unintentional rolling. Better wallbouncing. . If you dont know( i assume you do) on controller…roll is combined with evade. As is chainsaw and reload…1 button press for t2different actions Using the chainsaw can very easily bugger up and get you killed when it reloads your gun when you go to pull it on someone. So, combining emote with tac coms frees up am.input on the controller. Use emote is a downward press on the right thumb stick. So now i can move melee which is on the b button to the right thumbstick. Then i put either roll on B all by itself…or i put chainsaw on b all by itself. No more accidental roll when im.trying to slide to cover or bounce. Or no more accidental reload when i want to chainsaw somebody.

Emotes covers the middle of screen so I don’t see how they go well together. If someone tried to look through tac-com, emotes would obscure the screen on console. Unless UI interfaces for emotes are moved around.

There’s no need for a wheel that takes up the whole screen anyway. At worst it should be a little D-Pad in the corner if your screen


@Krylon_Blue right…justput a tiny wheel icon somewhere
obscure. Or make it translucent. I mean, i dont even look at the diagram.

Do it fast enough and the diagram never shows.

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When my dad plays, he has a bad habit of accidentally clicking in the right stick, which makes the emote wheel come out of nowhere. I’ve even seen it get stuck in place. Changing it definitely can help.

If you’ve played Gears 1 or UE’s story mode, you can see that it can work. Just replace the face buttons in that game with the d-pad. The orders were at the bottom of the screen, nowhere near the way.

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The emote wheel is kinda just there…

Why tell me its on Dpad if i have to press a joystick?
Just make it Dpad and it’ll be all patched up.