Want a map with dirty torn down structures

I hope the new map next month for op6 is a more war torn map like gears 1 had. To many maps are so shiny now.


I always liked playing on worn down, battle damaged Maps, Those are the :star2:BEST​:star2:
Hope fully they will add some soon, even port older gen maps. like these beuties to name a few, theres alot.

bullet marsh v2

fuel depot G4 Relic Jacinto


I’m thinking more like mansion or mausoleum


you seriously want old town, fuel depot, and jacinto back? we just got them back lol

Played Fuel Depot and Old Town on 4… but Jacinto? Never experienced it, so not sure what you mean.

Maybe they could release Aaron Griffin alongside a map based in Char.

wasnt it on 4? its a gears 2 map. I love Jacinto no disrespect towards it.

oh… ok my bad, it wasnt in 4. I swear it was in 4. ok now i support it coming back. they need to bring Pavilion back too, the autumn look of that map was so unique.