Wanna see a magic trick?

And yes, they’re still gone.

Wow, that sucks. Makes me wonder if I’ve ever been losing some, as I’ve never checked it that thoroughly.


I wondered more than once If I didn’t have more coins the day before but this is the first time I’ve actually seen the counter go down again.

I’d file a report. I know, seems like video posted should be enough, but…

Wonder how prevalent this is?

Never caught it on my account.

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What for? So I can get my 750 coins in 6 months when I can’t even use them for anything anymore? I highly doubt that TC would look further into this issue even If I bothered with a ticket. Maybe they show up in the next days once they have their server- and store-issues sorted out.

The only ticket I actually bothered opnening was Emiles Big Knife card at Lv6. Wonder if that’s ever gonna get fixed.


I wouldn’t get my hopes up, the support ticket inbox seems to be piped directly into /dev/null.


Sorry for being dumb but what am I looking at? I’ve just woken up and my brain hasn’t completely turned on.

Did the 750 coin not get added to the rest?

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Check the top right corner around the :08 second mark.

Hmm, never noticed it once. I always got the coins for now and they never substracted again. I’m checking very often what my coin counter is to check whether I have enough for card upgrades so.
Maybe it happened because you instantly opened the ToD menu? Dunno.

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Ahhhh ok I see now. SUCKS! TC though, give with one hand and take away with the other.

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Well, I’ll find out in 4 hours.

I had 90k coins and one point and they just diminished into 30k

Honestly it’s whatever at this point

The ranked-thing or something different?

Coins in general, whether they are from ranked or not lol

Just poof, gone

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