Wanna know why this game is the ultimate failure? Look no further

100% agree. This has been my experience with higher ping players. Because of the visual delay you see of them I never try to play reactionary with them. You will only get beat to the shot. I try to lead and predict there movement and or lay down a shot at range, and move backwards while keeping out of one shot range to lay down my second shot.

Indeed, but mostly you get kill without a single shot in your screen.
Even if you see a hit, you are dead.
Mostly of time i had 75% - 98% in 1 shot, they killed just with 1 shot.


I have to agree. I have seen where i got off three shots before they did a one shot kill ping was above 2 hundred. I have slid into cover and died and never saw the shot.

99% damage and they are no crawling. yet if i lancer in core from across the map i can get a down at 50% damage.

If this was not an issues there be no common chatter on it.

I actually saw opponent in the middle of 3 teams mates never go down. statistical un-probable unless maybe your MLG pro. certainly not silver player.

How did u post this

Way late but the distinction has to be made:
The game uses client side hit detection only to show you visual feedback i.e blood coming off an enemy.

The server determines rather you actually hit someone.

Client side hit detection, server side authority.

Sponging happens when your client side hit detection registers a hit, but the servers says “nope”.

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Yeah, i cant believe that dude looked directly at the camera and told that bald-faced lie.

Play the game for more than 10 minutes and it becomes apparent that the server does something to stop good internet from roflstomping 3rd world internet, and its biased towards 3rd world internet.


Basically this x100.

I haven’t played Gears 4 in weeks but I decided to give Social a try. The first match seemed fine with everyone below a 50ms ping and no fluctuations. But mid-match a player with a ping ranging from 80-1100ms joined and the next 2 rounds were an absolute disaster. Major teleporting and sponging issues showed up out of no where just as they always do when a player with fluctuations is in the lobby.

The second match was fine as that player left but mid-match another high fluctuation player joined and once again the lobby broke down just as the first one did.

I didn’t miss any of this nonsense for the weeks I decided not to play. I think I’m going to do as I did weeks ago and avoid this games rage inducing lag that you’ve allowed to happen just so someone with a bad connection can play.

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I swear, the random teleporting is driving me nuts and is even more frustrating than people eating shots.

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