Wanna know why this game is the ultimate failure? Look no further

Full clip:


Let’s a have more detailed look:
Hit 1

Hit 2

Aaaand let’s have a look at this fellas ping:

Oh what do you know. 140 to 20 ms and my shots are not getting registered, but according to TC my packets should reach the server before him and this should have been at least a trade or double down.

And for completing this:


I mean TC, I really really really hope you’ve learned from this bs and fix this in G5. This is not “works as intended” and this is why I don’t play this sh’t more than an hour a week nowadays. Just so sick and tired of this.


There’s nothing wrong with this game. It’s all you. You’re just shooting blanks. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I mean that happens to me when I’m on 90-100 ping and my opponent is 5 ping. I play private matches on EU servers and that’s how a lot of my shotgun fights go - my shot hits but I get no damage for it.

Yeah it’s total BS and I hate it, but I’m not really sure if it’s due to your low ping and his high ping.

Example: https://streamable.com/ydc74

Too lazy to slow down the clip and screenshot but I hit all 10 pellets point blank and get 0 for it.


This is like it is supposed to be, because the lower ping packets reach the server earlier. But as you can see at this point it is just completely random and I have no clue what they even did with this atrocius netcode.


I’d be willing to bet that players ping was unstable which is why the shot didn’t register properly. I’ve experienced high ping and it’s not a pleasure to play on as I’m delayed with a 90ms ping on Europe servers. The thing is that it still feels more consistent than USA servers where I ping lower because most matches on European servers are against stable pings. Once I play a match on US servers it’s a guarantee there will be one Latin American player with high fluctuation which is when this nonsense begins to happen. @III_EnVii_III connects to US East from Europe with a 65ms ping which is lower than those allowed on the server without needing a US friend. But he can’t find a match while those causing issues can find matches.

Long story short - it’s mostly fluctuations causing issues. The game has a horrendous time dealing with ping spikes.

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The thing I don’t understand is, why has the enemy ping influence on my side of the game with registering shots? We are talking client based hit detection here, with my connection being a wired full 400mbit fiber optic connection, so my packets should have reached the server way way before him. Btw his ping was fluctuating between 130 and 170 throughout the game.

And look at the two clips I added in my OP (sry the links don’t work and I am too lazy to edit them). This the stuff I have to deal everytime I want to play the game. This one guy had a ping between 600 and 900 for more than a full minute and never went below 200 afterwards. Why are people like this even allowed to play and why do I find people like this only in gears??

You’re asking the same question we’ve all been asking for years.


High ping, low ping I still experience false fires all the time. In your first clip his shot just beat you to the server. Yes he has a longer travel time, but keep in mind you are seeing a delayed visualization of him. So your reactions are slightly delayed and his shot likely got off earlier than what you saw on your screen. With higher ping players, you tend to see even a more delayed visual discrepancy so for me, i try to adjust and lead my shots better in these situations.

People have complained about lag comp and trade windows since the game came out. For Comp, there is virtually no trade window. As a matter of fact, as of recently Core feels to have a very small one as well (not sure if they changed this behind the scenes). They originally implemented the window in Core to make the experience more “fair”. So in situations like your first clip it would be a trade or a double down. You can watch about this in the Gears in the Machine (or whatever its called) where their lead developer talks about it.

In certain situations where a false fire occurs, your shot actually does hit but there is no % readout for it (so it looks like it didn’t register). You can see this when a teammate quickly kills the enemy you shot and you are assisted something like 80 points.

And just to clarify, I’m not defending TC here. False fires are one of the things i hate most in the game. Im just sharing my experience and what i have gathered from playing the game since launch.

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Even if you take the low refresh rate of the server (your described visual delay on my screen of his position) into account, my packets still had to reach the server before his, because as I said before we have client based hit detection.

I’m a returning Gears , i stopped playing 4 because work and lag problems, the last time i played G4 was when TC recently added the wallbounce cooldown time (which was awesome), i came back last wednesday and what did i found?

I Changed my ISP and now i have a good ping, even is constant and dont have any issue, the game doesnt register some shot and a laggy bouncing kid can take me down with 1 single shot which is very frustrating.

This is really bad, the game when from 10 into a 5, i mean, worst Gears since ever, they had a good game in hands back in 2016/2017 but screw it up with too much complains from the a part of the community, this is really sad, im leaving until 5 comes to the light but i will wait how the game works because i dont what to get the same frustration as Gears 4 is making right now.

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Thats why this 100 ping guys goes to tournaments and get raped cause theyre used to easy kills

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Question i have been meaning to ask for a while: IS the hit detection on the client side? Do we know this, for sure? For hit detection it only matters where your xbox thinks the opponent is, not the server or the opponent’s xbox?

Octus said it multiple times on their developer stream. They have to use client based because otherwise mexicans wouldn’t be able to play.

haha, right, ok, cool, that’s good to know… I didn’t know if that had been officially said by the developers.

but this means that there is no lag-induced sponging. Because if hit detection is based purely on local character placement the fact that the enemy is somewhere else on the other xbox and somewhere else still on the server is irrelevant…

I’m not saying there is no sponging, I’m just saying it can’t be due to lag… (excepting timing, see the below msg)

But there definitely can be unstable lag induced teleporting, which can make it really hard to hit people, locally, when they are jerking around all the time, due to the unstable ping…

This looks like a timing issue - he fired first, on his box, and by the time you fired the server already decided you were dead - but the message to that effect didn’t reach your box until after you already fired…

Yeah exactly. That’s lag. Just straight up delays from clients to server and then back to client.

He looked like he played perfect on his screen, I looked I played perfect on my screen. He has a lower ping so he gets the kill. It’s expected in that situation and I was just trying to say it happens both ways, for high pingers and low pingers.

I believe what OP is complaining about is that sometimes high ping gets the kill when he shouldn’t. I understand that issue because obviously the game is displaying different timing of the game to different people and then impossible things happen.

Even tc said that lower ping always gets the kill, which is blatantly false as you can see. You can’t always argue that there are some new mysterious delays. I press the button , game reacts and sends the information to the server and if my packet reaches the server before the packet of someone with a ping that is 5 times higher than mine I should always get the hit registered before my enemy. Same as getting hit miles behind cover, because the game only uses the clients informations.


When the ping fluctuates like this its basically lag switching. Some run this stuff on their comps through the xbox to push packets against other players. Theres some great players, but as your rank goes up, youll see people who are like twice as fast running, everything. The latin americans are awful to engage in games with spikes. Some are really good, and some flat out cheat by boosting packets against your team. You can tell in like the first few duels. This stuff has always plagued gears going all the way back in the franchise, its nothing new but stupid and ruins the match none the less. Tc always had some way of spinning it, but the fact is its baloney. I remember when they said ping based match making, glad to see they really ironed out the wrinkles in that. I quit gears for a year, just how it was when i left. Youre not alone buddy



Yes, a high ping player who pushes a standoff will always have an advantage over the opponent who is waiting to react. Well, even a low ping player will have an advantage in such a situation, but the higher the ping, the higher the advantage (because the longer (s)he will have to move and shoot before their movement is displayed on the opponent’s screen).

Not much you can do about that, expect I guess don’t play reactive, and be the attacker - because if you attack then the high ping player’s ping will work against him, for the same reason…

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