Wanna do the side missions? DON'T PLAY ON INSANE!

A lot of these side missions are always putting you either in wide open areas with not much cover or tight spaces with barely any room to breathe. And with the ridiculous changes to insane you got have the patience of a monk to get past all the enemies thrown at you. Even with a partner it’s damn well near impossible to stay alive love enough to get to the second segment of the fight. Unfortunately if you want the ultimate upgrades you’re gonna have to suffer through all the side missions. It would be bearable if everything wasn’t practically a one hit kill. At least in 4 I stood a chance.

P.S: the friendly AI still sucks ■■■ so have fun if you’re solo

I’ve finished them on Insane solo.

The difficulty is the least of your concerns at the moment. The real problem is the fact that the game won’t save your progress or collectibles at all. I’ve finished the campaign on Insane and the game hasn’t recognised it.


Oh trust me I know. I made a thread about it yesterday. I had to go offline just to get it to stop acting up sense some moron at tc thought it was a smart idea to connect everything to their servers, including campaign.

Same I’m stuck at 73% on both completion achievements :-1:t6: