Walmart/Circle K exclusives

So Rockstar has US store exclusives and I’m looking to get a hold of 1 of each of these 2 exclusive codes for the banners/skins.

EDIT: Seems by just entering more codes in the en-US site unlocks the exclusive packs for now, Thanks FuNkeDEE for the information!

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i would be more than happy top provide the us codes for you once they are available!

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That would be very much appreciated. Like I said I can reimburse a code for a code so you can still get boost out of it or sell the UK one.


once i get one ill reply here and then ill dm you a code.

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I just bought a rockstar can from Walmart will the can be unique and will the code be on the receipt ?

The image says it will be on the receipt starting on Sept 3.

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I’ve only been able to find the the scorpion can I bought ten for me and my friends I’ll wait until Sept 1st and the 3rd

can anyone help me any spare codes would be appreciated

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I’ll definitely trade Walmart codes for circle k exclusives I just have to wait till Sept 3rd then I’ll stay active in this forum

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That sounds smart. I would recommend others use this thread to find others who can help trade and acquire the exclusives people are unable to get locally.

I’ve already made a thread about this. I’m from the U.K. and I received these skins by just entering more codes. I used 8 codes in total and unlocked everything.


My Goodness I had 4 codes so tried 2 that I had to spare and you’re right I have the packs. I just made sure I entered them while on the en-US version of the site! Thank you so much!


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I don’t think i have ever seen a Circle K before

I entered 11 cans nothing but boost no circlek or Walmart exclusives I’m in U.S.A anyone else have same problem


i have enter 7 codes and it work for us too in canada we need to need if it work for usa??

I think you have to wait for specific September dates in the US.

I have the receipt we’re is the code ?

look at the date it is not sept 3 for the walmart one and sept 23 for circle-k

Damn, I wish they sold these here. Would be soo keen to get both of those haha