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Wallbounce stamina bar? Skill gap and balance

Personally I’d rather not compromise with TC on an idea like this. In the long run, the stamina bar would drastically limit the game in how people play.

Right now the wallbounce players that are really good, they perfect their playstyle and add their own quirks to how they use strafing and bouncing…

This would force them to play to the bar and the limits that sets them on and a new, universal meta would be born. With it, it’s own flaws and problems that TC would attempt to deal with.

I just see so much more trouble if TC is left to deal with bouncing in such an intricate way. And frankly, they do not have my faith in them being able to do it properly after the vast amount of problems and bugs in GoW5.

Fair enough. Good points, especially on the faith part.

I just feel like they shouldn’t go out of their way to change what the community obviously likes such as the gnasher and movement.

For example, I would have rather had them just take off the active damage boost on the gnasher and put a good tuning on it. Nope, they went another route.

They went far with things like nerfing gnasher and movement. The addition of recoil and the new omen came about to give us one tuning and introduce the rifle meta as they call it.

i thought they were getting to a good spot with the cool downs and cons to bouncing in gears 4 but they scrapped all of that.

Heck, they scrapped the essence of the game away.

Make the bouncing like it was in 4.

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Why not just give us a good tuning instead of the mess we got? Every single time Epic tried to limit the Gnasher, they screwed up the balance.

I thought TC would understand but they come out of nowhere to give us … this.

It’s like an entirely different team built Gears 5 and all the lessons learned from 4 were forgotten.

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If they did that, i truly do believe they would implement something like im saying here.

Why is the gnasher the way it is right now? 6 shots, new reload? Because they felt they NEEDED to do that in order to make it more useful and not get 83% complaints. They felt it was a must in order to have just one tuning.

They will never give us anything straight up.

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I’m open to the idea of this. I think overall, the game would feel much more clunky as a result. But I’m down for a change of pace and maybe seeing this implemented in a test playlist. Can’t see TC putting in the effort but I’d love to make Gears a bit more tactical (regarding the movement). I can’t imagine what the wallbounce spam looks to some new players lmao.

I’m all for unleashing movement but I don’t really see the wall bounce spamming as a problem personally. There’s already stamina naturally from who can even bounce that much. And it’s not like the people who can have a real advantage. You can still kill them

A wallbouncing bar, eradicate wallbouncing?
Admin delete this thread right now.

I truly do not understand why so much effort was put into making Gears 4 movement what it was by the end, and completely throwing it out the window with the s*** show that is Gears 5 movement. Of course there are times you can still pull off the same old two step with wall bouncing, but the amount of delays with every input is insane.

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exactly. where did all that work and feedback go?

@v_THE_THING_v no, it would be better than ever just with a caveat.

@DonKnee I just don’t think they would ever go back to unleashing movement without a balancing mechanic.

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Sadly I agree with you on your statement to Don.

Yeah super bouncers are fairly easy to kill, just walk backwards and shoot center. Or chainsaw.


Might as well kill the franchise if they add a cooldown…

Get lost!!! Wall bouncing is the a huge part of gears adapt to it or don’t play the games!!!

What you’re suggesting is a mechanic that would only be intuitive to people that visit the forum’s regularly and find out about all the new information.

Only those experienced enough would master it, while all the casuals would be utterly confused by what’s going on. It’s the same reason they deleted the wall distance (long bounce to a short bounce) mechanic in Gears 4, because the majority of players had no idea what was going on.

Although, TC try to support casuals as much as possible, they do a :poop: job of educating them. How many new players do you think actually know that the Gnasher will sometimes only reload 3 shots, that movement/wall bouncing affects your health regeneration, or that aim-assist is different in Execution and Escalation (even though its described in the playlist)?

Casual players take games at face value, adding intricate movement mechanics, not only annoys the more experienced fanbase, as it’s another restriction on their style of play, but would frustrate and confuse casuals.

You must be new here bouncing in gears 5 is trash so no i do not agree with your “nerf movement even more than it already is” idea.

He’s saying put movement back to being fluid but add an amount you can do at once until you’re out of breathe, so to speak. So if you want to hyper bounce you can, but not for very long.

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Ok it’s certainly an interesting approach, i will be more civilized with this but I personally dont think this is the solution to the movement issue.

Resource management for only those who bounce? Seems a little unrewarding to me even if you buff bouncing(faster/no input delays) the cost outways the benefits

To an extent. But for me, if I have to pick between always being bad or spurts of good I’d choose spurts of good, if that makes sense. I honestly don’t want it either. I’d rather just have the fluid movement all the time, but I don’t think that’s going to happen, but perhaps a middle ground we could idk I get what he’s saying, but it’s a damned if you do, damned if you dont kind of thing.

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bad joke :laughing: