Wallbounce stamina bar? Skill gap and balance

Fairly simple idea here. I’d like to know how many of you would like this instead of the current wallbounce and the eternal obsession to nerf it along with gnasher play.

The idea to balance the wallbounce, yet keep the skill gap is based on a power/stamina bar. Something like NBA Courtside (Kobe!) and NFL Blitz.



It would be enough for multi kills but not enough to spam in brainlessly. Perhaps you can’t deplete it completely but at the lowest point you are only allowed a minor play, that way it isn’t like you are forced to walk lol.

The movement itself could be as good or better than ever, with the caveat that you have to use it combining skill and mentality. If you are hurt, maybe the stamina can only go back up to a max of 75%. It would be somewhat between the argument of true wallbouncing (like in UE) vs air bouncing.

Note: Already, since Gears 4, you don’t regenerate health while wallbouncing.

Do you think something like this, a true cooldown, would be a better way to balance wallbouncing or do you prefer what we currently have PLUS aim assist, magnetism, gnasher nerfs, etc?

As for the gnasher nerfs, here is a post I made back in July.

No cool down.

We don’t need it and it’s unnecessary.

Everything is a delay or a cool down at the moment.

Even health doesn’t regenerate while moving / bouncing I believe.

Just no.



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Yeah, but I’m saying it as a way of balancing it out. Of course, tweaking what we currently have and freeing up the movement to a high skill level and adding this as a balance.

I too would prefer for the movement to be unlimited. My point is to find a true balance instead of butchering it like we see currently.

This idea in this current state would be absolutely terrible.

Balancing what?

I’m a decent bouncer but I’ll always roll and that’s the biggest balance right there.

In 5 - it’s like you have an even bigger chance of rolling into the wall than sliding to it.

Just leave it be.


Just leave it be as is?

My point is to make it as good or better than ever and balance it out properly. I play ALT so i never roll.

I’m talking mostly in general, not necessarily about Gears 5.

Balancing the movement between skill and mentality. Neither spammy nor useless. The current state is a mess in my opinion.

I hardly even see anyone doing it.

Gears 5 is all about strafing and dancing.

But I never felt it was spammy.

It’s hard to do right and harder still to get to a speed where someone can’t just shoot you anyway.

That’s my point. Make it useful but balanced.

Im saying in theory, a gears game with the best skillfull movement but with a mental aspect to it so it is not spammy.

This idea comes from this argument:

Lot of people complain about the movement being useless. Lot of people like that the skill gap has been shot down.

I think it’s an interesting idea but I agree with Envii, what is that you would be balancing by introducing this into the game? I have no issues with a player that wants to wallbounce, they can even spam it if they want to I don’t think dealing with wallbouncing is that hard…as long as the pings are balanced.

The issue comes in game modes like king of the hill were a lot of players are congested in one area of the map. If I’m playing on balanced ping picking off wallbouncers isn’t a problem, but when they’re pinging at 100 or more and there’s 5 characters jittering all over the screen it becomes a lottery trying to pick shots.


So true. I swear, I could be a foot from a piece of cover and try to slide into it and the game is like “Oh, you want to roll into this piece of cover? Ok!”. Super annoying.


My point is to free up the wallbounce and make it as effective as ever and introduce something like this as a balance.

I’m not talking about introducing something like this into Gears 5. Gears 5 is already on training wheels as it is.

wallounce need to be eradicated

I’m open to the idea, but I don’t think they’d get it right tbh. TC kind of lost my confidence.

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Why? Using the cover to move is the USP of the game?

Or TC could just delete GoW5 and start again. We’ll be forgiving and pretend GoW5 never happened.


Why not add a roadie run cool down bar? Or an evade roll cool down bar?

Personally I hate the idea. IMO it adds completely unnecessary restrictions to player movement

would you like it if the movement was better than ever but with this caveat? im not saying for the game as it is now as it would be pointless

say gears 3/4 movement with this cool down, that way it would be as skillful as ever and not butchered as it is right now.

it would unleash the movement instead of making it nearly useless like it is now. the only thing would be a stamina bar that prevents it from being spammed.

Remember wall bouncing is a by product of the movement being fast, slick and free of delays.

Gears 5 is slower, has more delays and therefore movement is more restricted.

Which is just stupid.

Imagine a game like Counter Strike changing their formula to reduce the skill gap and appeal to casuals…

Gears 5 is not changing anytime soon, even in the future it’s unlikely to change back to what it should have been to start with.

It would be to little to late and with the next generation of consoles not far off. It’s even more unlikely.

No thanks, Gears of War should not have any sort of limitation bars in its gameplay.

No stamina bar, no has bar for the chainsaw etc lol

Keep Gears simple in that the gunplay and movement is entirely based on player skill.

I agree with you in theory. From scratch i wouldn’t want any restrictions of any kind.


Seeing how they butcher this and that, i don’t think it would be terrible to make the movement in gears 5 much better and faster but adding something to balance it out. They simply won’t give us any sort of unlimited game.

As it is right now look at what they did to the gnasher - 6 shots and new active - in order to “allow” us to have one weapon tuning.

If we ever want skillful movement to come back, it won’t come back in an unlimited way.