Wall Bouncing nerf?

So I was playing some Gears 4 last night, and have been going back to Beast Mode in 3 every now and then over the past couple of weeks. Now, after having played the Gears 5 tech test for a few hours I have to ask - why is wall-bouncing in this game so much worse than in any others?

Snapping to the walls in Gears 5 is much less tight and precise - the distance needed between your character and the wall in order to snap to it is at least a foot and a half shorter than in the other games; and if you so much as flick the control stick before reaching the wall, your character cancels the animation and turns in whatever direction it was you pressed. After having played the other games for so many years, it’s extremely jarring and frustrating to experience, especially in situations where I know I could have survived the encounter in past games.

Anyone know why they implemented these changes?


Please post this in the official feedback thread. TC wants to know what people think about all aspects of versus.

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